Male Girls The Art Of Annealing

The girls the guys Efforts Annealing

most people who love you, who you cannot see and you can’t counter even when you get bored do you go with the one you love the most ? Who you love the most with you ? -Love me baby
1-) dashed a peek 😀

2-) Hair , pulls back, straightens their hair and so on 😀

3-) When I look at you smile, laugh and you think is making fun of you 😀

4-) more elaborate makeup on days you know you will more beautiful.

5-) runs up to talk to you, actually is a message that says blah blah blah, but in general I think less gets a positive result so now go talk to him if you like 😀 will worry.
6-) When you have certainly makes strange movements . D :tries to be fun but it doesn’t matter. 😀

7-) shows the response you very much.

😎 will follow you always. What you’re talking about or try to figure something out, always is all around you.
9-) special searches (some kind 😀 ) to find your telephone number herseyiyapar: D
10-) while viewing your photos or look at you, and rushes you can catch him. Liked your photos from Facebook. Usually look at your friends, saydirir beautiful 😀

but remember, you would betray the person who loves. WILL BE THERE BESIDE YOU.
-THIS is for entertainment purposes only, but I think it is true in general 😀 from the look of, take it or look at 😀


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