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I’ve a problem, I just made a comment with respect to these lines I am writing. In fact, for many years I am aware of the difficulties of meeting and becoming friends of our society. I guess it’s time to share my ideas on this topic.

The meet and greet to the basic things you need, trust yourself, and a big friendly smile. 🙂

a little while ago about dating tips and give me something to tell a member he said:

to the environment e if it happens I meet. Let’s say I like to go on meet horny

why people came up and Hello, we want to meet you. to say ‘jerk off’ as we are beginning to see? I ask all civilized people are we not? Well, as civilized people, how did it come to this?

one of the beautiful aspects of the West should be really friendly and civil. Now most of you will disagree I know. But on the issue of tolerance, affectionately, zero left us in civilization, they leave. European agendas and believe me I have friends (friends, social media or a regular agenda in the media, I’m talking about) is very different from us. We are constantly alienation, we are striving to humiliation. Over Russian girls our men, our girls with Italian men will retaliate. Again, I didn’t find our men never appropriate ‘Do’ expression uses fall into the same mistake and the girls ‘Kamil’ corresponds with the phrase book. Separation, alienation, humiliation, and ignore the ones that set a bad example to you about, please feel free to say hi to people you want to meet with a big smile.

Fear of rejection.

from many of you and get rejected? what I can imagine. Yes, this is a possibility. So what happens if rejected? Why are you so afraid of being rejected?

in all fairness, nice, specify that you want to meet with a smile when the other person is nice to you no, Thank you. I don’t want to meet. if he answers, there’s only one thing you need to do: Well, Thank you for your kindness. Good afternoon/good evening. so, and, of course, reasons your face, your smile as you don’t lose anything. But why me? I’ve just wanted to meet you, I mean you no harm. and similar expressions do not insist. There may be one or more valid reasons the other person to reject you, or just may not be as obvious as you are about to meet strangers. You insist her attitude towards you will cause you to resort to more crude methods to deflect and eradicate a gentle. Note: everyone has limits, and some people lose patience show patience and her insistence that only once you first may. Then prepared a ground for rejection that scares people about to display the opposite behavior.

This paragraph I am writing for those who refuse to meet the demand: Please in a gentle way as possible, and even, if possible, respond by stating the reason for the rejection. For example, no, Thank you. Married/girlfriend, and my wife/girlfriend you may not be welcome such a meeting. or no, Thank you. I’m open to the idea of meeting with strangers in this way. I know there will be those who insist that. Easily lose your patience. Nevertheless kabalasanl those who insist against those who denied or after the decision about what you want to do yours, of course. My goal, gentle and non-persistent individuals to keep up their self confidence for a bit. Those who are in a bad way because once rejected, a second meeting in an attempt to.

unable to say no, or if you are someone who can’t tell a little white lie. If you are pushy people in the face of no answer at the above I’ve been married for direteme/girlfriend I have to use an example, it will be a deterrent. I admit it: this is a wedding ring on the ring finger of my right hand Dec to follow the lie that I’m engaged I’m using it. 😀 The Rings is backed up by a lie is more believable. And you’re giving that kind of mind, why don’t we meet up? if you ask the question, then chances are that most of the people I gave already, too many of my friends I have friends I want to isolate even a little bit and I just current. I need to hang out alone for a while.

Give an opportunity to that person.

what would you lose? In a polite manner with someone who wants to meet you for a tea/coffee in your drink, I don’t see the harm. Many times I’m given this opportunity. Nuri Alco of them yet didn’t. If you’re available at that time you can go to a crowded café or Tea Garden. If not available, still if you wish that person your number or e-mail address you give can meet at a convenient time. You don’t want to give someone you don’t know your phone number, that’s natural. But you will meet people who want to take the risk. I think the most suitable e-mail address to receive/give. Already with today’s technology, most people using a smart phone. By e-mail instantly as it is possible to communicate even mesajlasir. Moreover, we all have more than one email address. Would you mind sharing the one you do not use I don’t see very often.

Socialize and make friends.

both sides on this issue is to be patient. Remember that you are not yet acquainted with the other person. Time for you to be able to trust each other and you will need to meet elsewhere. Also the person to whom you’ve just met/the habits of people you don’t know. Squeeze as much as possible learn everything from how to ask. In this way, you will eliminate the chances of situations you might have misunderstood life.

introduction if tea/coffee is not good for you if you want to make friends with the other person if you don’t make it clear, express it politely. If the other person says something like that, again, as I mentioned earlier, do not be pushy. No one doesn’t have to be friends with you. The reason/indication of the cause I’m a fan of, but the other person did not specify why if you don’t ask. Maybe it’s just decency to protect, why didn’t specify that you didn’t want to talk to you. Maybe if you could fix your mistake you know will create an opportunity for you, but unfortunately, life does not always give us a second chance.


I know I wrote too long. I haven’t read many interpretations of you, but thank you. write expressions such as. , Xper I open the door to the monster. 🙂 So sharing this I’ll leave open to interpretations. This paragraph also likely to come to some questions because I won’t reply to every comment I’m writing. Being cocky it’s not my goal. I’m not a very smart person who doesn’t have the courage to insult my intention when I wrote this and it wasn’t. I’m a little egotistical, but to satisfy my ego, to others it’s insulting. Totally sharing this based on my experience and the pictures belongs to me except every word of it completely. I met with many people in this way. I’ve set up the chat line sometimes, and sometimes against me was such a demand. Based on intuition, I gave an opportunity to the vast majority. So far, I have no regrets. I was denied, I didn’t. Your kindness will return your call across (if it hasn’t happened yet, even if I don’t care) never mind. Don’t mind that person’s machine.

Sorry, it lacks the user to share this hidden among the comments. 😀


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