Mega-Shine – Nail Polish Protector That Gives The Diamond Brilliance

a touch to let in the brightness of the diamond nail Polish!

Sally Hansen Diamond eye-catching brilliance and its durability is carrying nails!

against all women, which is a nightmare of peeling and nail care nail Polish Sally Hansen is America’s number one brand matlasma problems developed by miracle product Mega Shine – protective nail Polish that gives the diamond brilliance in the context of Micro – Diamond Platinum formula and refurbished the particles with the brilliance of your diamond and adds a sparkle nail Polish.

waterproof formula on your nail Polish with UV blockers and Also in the content creating an effective shield by peeling and fading color blocking. 8 day until release formula dries within 1 minute after helps to protect the beauty of your manicure.

Authorized Pharmacies.
Sally Hansen Mega Shine – nail Polish protector that gives the diamond brilliance: 27,50 TL


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