Men and women are not the same.

Hi all,

men and women needs that to each other and complement each other, although I’m wondering how can be such a difference between.I tried to collect the major differences for you here.


  • saldirganlar more men than women.And they love to use force.This form of testosterone the cause of aggressiveness.


  • connected to acne in adolescence and the other men with Testosterone be in more trouble than their heads.
  • click 4/1 of AIDS patients are women. Dominant the reason women carry 2 x chromosomes.
  • they like to live men a lot of things. So it looks like he’s hiding the feelings, emotionless being touted as they are. With women it’s the opposite. So he manages to think aloud. This way we know that Joaquim is also where they came from.
  • the smell of men’s skin is becoming more predominant in women.


  • less blood than men in women’s bodies. In men, while in women 4.5 liters of blood, the rate was 3,6 litres. In addition, men also women is higher than blood pressure.
  • women are better swimmers. The reason is that of fat beneath their skin more than men.


  • there is a noticeable difference in the signs of aging. See signs in menopause many women while men almost never is not a symptom.See, I like that. :):
  • men’s body temperature and the rate of Body water is higher in women.
  • the voices compared to men because women’s vocal cords are shorter and thinner.

The difference in Success. Success for men to earn more than his wife can spend. The success of women find such a man. :):


  • less than 40 of women with men in their lives, they’re sick day.
  • has a larger volume in the lungs of men than women.
  • Men their metabolism is faster. So much more food.
  • females are larger and multiplies more slowly than the hearts of men.
  • at a faster rate than they age, both men and women. But women’s skin wrinkles faster because it is thinner.
  • is longer than the lifespan of women.
  • Topic faster than men when it comes to sports they’re women. But women, they become more resistant.


  • just the Adam’s apple in men.
  • trying to change themselves, both men and women suffer from. Being men and women not to listen to them.
  • Women are 3 times more it hurts.
  • men are tired of loneliness, because the woman is interested in marriage will marry. But both have frustrations they can’t escape. :):
  • worrying about the woman until she finds a husband lasts. Men doesn’t worry until marriage.

to count each other that we are different and we can find thousands of research time. But sure

What Are you guys without us, what we think we can’t live without you. The pros and cons of each other complement each other just as we are completing. :):

Thank you for taking the time to read.


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