Men And Women Have Addictive Properties

1. Respect

I think the sine qua non of a woman. I’ll get to talk to me first when you meet someone. You know there are those who gum up in your mouth cursing. In your opinion, aren’t driving too much?

2. The sense of shame

believe me, I can’t tell you that you are entering a situation that is so sweet. I didn’t think I’d ever see in one place your current loveliness.

3. Smelling nice

most of the ladies should take care of that indicate. Scent most reminds you of that person misses even one of the things. Also women who use the same perfume, even according to you that person has a unique scent.

4. Beautiful smile

there are people who can be loved just her smile. A man smile, simulate in your head again and again. In this case, you need to be born lucky. Don’t neglect cleaning your teeth has never in his teeth.

5. Feel her and

make that person feel special and belongs to only that person makes him happy.


shall I confess something to you?

– Yes!

you have a lovely smile!

– shall I confess something to you?


– I just I can laugh with you this beautiful!

6. To be natural

we need to avoid that person as not all the wishes of contrived movements just like yourself in it. Forget what I wrote above. Of course, there’s someone out there who will love you just as you are. Stay healthy.


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