Men Are Asking-Reverse World


asks the girls to name the site in general.Rightly everyone who entered for the first time to the site just to see the girls here.But we are a gentleman! Turkish men everywhere, as you do not leave our girls alone.Our instinct continues blasting protection.

when we look at the questions, there are questions different than that of men in general, and girls, are looking for solutions to their problems.Today, or vice versa if they were, I thought, and think that as long as I can, I decided to write too.

How Can I get started you guys?

our horny girls complainant male:

we believe the moment we see the truth of this, not soon, all hell will break loose.A man that is suffering from the intense interest of all women from the stage or what is probability? saying that we should consider.

with emphasis on male virginity:

imagine a man who feels guilty for not getting close to his girlfriend.Wonder himself if it was broken my virginity eat all day.Afraid to tell his family or something.

men who have a dress problem:

the biggest advantage of more of what I’d wear what the men think, nor do anyone’s head pressing they cannot.What if they found from what they wear and usually wear I wouldn’t bother.Or if they were? We used to run a lot to such a questioner for sure. :):

no mustache Man:

girls Usually Complain of whiskers.You don’t even need a mustache to us that the language on the site and they bring our girls that will always be uncomfortable.I thought the opposite of that, and the question arose.

men who want to get rich quick:

when I saw rich girls looking for a husband with some questions on different limbs love to laugh.This, I thought of asking one of our own.We’re short of them? :):

it happened to the top of my head for now.Could be further expanded.But taste best to leave.

Thank you for reading and taking the time.Much love and respect.


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