Men How To Dress?

there are many ways for you to become a more attractive man for women, and one of them is that how we should get dressed. How a man should dress?

1.Not Necessarily A Style You Get

you don’t have to keep up with fashion, but at least you choose a style for yourself daily , sports , retro , seriously , you rock more if you can get yourself, that take the road.

2.Dress Up Is Not The Best Dress In The Same Color

nowadays, most men make this mistake unfortunately, blue shirt , blue pants, for instance, this simple dress is not boring and you seem to be a good.

3.Dress According To Your Body

your fortune every time you see it, instead of them wear suits your body, for instance, if you are overweight, you can turn with a little more patterned shirts

4.How To Impress Girls Should Dress

We where you expected to dress more to impress the ladies with how well we girls the majority of non-classical genre more than the men that are like retro, rock style revenue always more impressive to them, unworthy of the name of course you can use everyday clothing in this way the pressure’s off him to pay attention to issues that need

1.never wearing this style of white socks and Argyle socks are always a risk, rather than solid color socks prefer.

2.Make your perfume smell good and clean is missing

3.get your hair treated

meanwhile, a man’s most important accessory is the shoe. be careful in the selection of shoes.

if I want to add, that necklace looks really nasty twinkie never ever takmayiiiiiiin


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