Men want to have a wife like that

this and how I’ll explain that men wanted to marry a girl I hope you like it.

1-candid girl

intimate stilted acting against the men themselves want to be treated, and don’t like girls who constantly go on the trip. So you must be sincere to your lover.

2-The friendly girl

The men like friendly girls, and like girls who are nervous and aggressive and they don’t find it offensive

3-the girl who cares

sometimes Men like girls who care about themselves, for instance, you should say it in sentences like iltifatli your lover, your hair is nice today men like to hear them, just like sometimes you should praise your personality not the appearance, maybe it will come simple to you, but if you do that, you have to make yourself happy and feel worthy the opposite sex.

4-love power girl

The men who would not leave so easily from him if you like girls your lover due to a small mistake, and end your relationship immediately you are causing a deep wound in the hearts of both of you to be biased

5-The girl who made the joke

men like girls who fun and can joke with them because you never get bored standing silent bells continually faces, girls, driving revenue, but revenue in extremes in driving and run into girls you shouldn esprin smiling at the thought wrong about you.

6-merciful and benevolent girl

men are cruel and the compassionate and helpful they seem to stay away from girls like girls who speaks slang.

Cem eriyo end here


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