Men With Heartache

I think after a certain age, we all men and the heartache we knew each other.

can be caused due to a variety of heartbreak, ex-girlfriends, ex-wives, cokcuk, jobs, etc., sometimes for more than one reason you are injured. Men with heartache they will bring only trouble.

when we first met, they’re very nice, attractive. Sometimes they’re so cute they give the idea of the man in your life. He’s quiet about everything, have so much in common, you will see that your dreams carry away.

The patient, polite and interested draw male profile. Next thing you know, you’ve fallen for her. But a little closer, insecurities, fears and wounds out to face the day, they begin to move away, and sometimes even insulting. Now you start thinking about what happened to that man is so sweet.

when you feel a little insecurity from you, immediately run away. Out of pity for themselves, prefer spending time crying for the past.

we, so we did what girls do, we blame ourselves by saying that he went away. But the truth is, it’s not you. Leave him.

a man so cruel and selfish that would be helpful. It leaves your cruel doubts.

if that is trying to manage her own life, if life goes bad unchallenged. For your life would you like to spend with someone who doesn’t want to face their own problems? Are pessimistic. As in a fairy tale from the beginning in the relationship after a short time, you begin to feel unwell due to the behaviour of these men. How you love, never is not a good place because you could not make them happy in their lives. You shed tears for him, but you just don’t care about her.

you have only one life and you deserve to be happy. A man like that waiting for you to change, do not continue in such a relationship. Spiritual intelligence and happiness can accept who face the same problems as you if you prefer to have someone that you would be happier.

heal the wounds of the heart for one who is trying to best to stay away from.


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