Methods 9 Different Models Curly Hair

Hello, good night beautiful ladies have curly hair direct from bothering you with what we have to be able to immediately see how⬇

1. A table with thin curly hair

– you must be the owner of this fine is needed for the tongs, get thin Tufts over swingarm lift your head and tilt your head forward after you remove your hair and take your fingers and suddenly continue reading below if you don’t have to check if a table

2.Pipette made curly hair

3.Pen/Fog made curly hair

4. Curly hair with headband

5. Opening braid technique

6. Stockings curly hair method

7. Curly hair with wet wipes

8. Curly hair with straightener

9. I didn’t see anyone right now because I can say that I have my technique after washing your hair, dry, moist moist dry, especially when there are endings, let’s be close to but not too much (this time for good accuracy) take your hair, and you buruyo in the form of a single auger for about 10 minutes, constantly running out of your hair with your hands, you’re holding me a half hour to 1 hour, of course the longer the exposure, the more holds, and this method they are very persistent 🙂

in the following way ?me so much bells do you cross your fingers outward

I hope you like it ?


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