Michael Jackson – Smooth Criminal

Michael Jackson’s 1987 bad album output to a very popular song. Original 4 minutes and 17 seconds but there are longer videos of the year for the series taken.

The Song remained in music charts for a long time. Although almost 30 years have passed, still loved and known for. Michael Jackson writes their songs, and would encourage them to be natural, but a fictional story told in this song.

in the song named Annie, a woman describes being attacked by a criminal in her own house. Smooth criminal actually a term of law, and the perfect murder. Annie escapes and then bad things happen.

bob goat for many years trying to figure out the song ci, painful etc. we tried to tell you in funny ways. Chorus Annie, you are the arrow. Why Annie ? Annie is the name of the model that is actually used in first aid training. Asked whether the injured person in first aid training are taught to be good, Annie are you OK ? (Annie are you OK). Received resuscitation (CPR) training due to the person named Annie who was attacked by Michael.

choreography and dance moves of the era has always attracted interest far beyond the video. Of course, a 45-degree angle at stance is engraved in the memory of his year. Discussed how to move this for a long time. The secret are the shoes. At first thought to be done with the help of the cables after it was agreed in the shoes.

inspired from the era of Al Capone famous gangster video, club on the set of switches.

In 2001, alien ant farm alternative rock song called/have been successfully recorded by a metal band and once again was released.

The sound of a breaking heart the sound at the beginning of the song is actually Jackson’s. Digitally strengthened.

the lyrics of the song for



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