Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has undergone a change after 2012 and after that those who follow him bilirsenk has done and is doing unexpected things no, but why is doing such strange things?

before 2012, had his scandals, but now it wasn’t like it was like there were two different girls in front of us if take a seat.

a photograph from the past

And a new picture

and concerts.

our sweet girl Miley on stage .

and now let us see the stage show.

are you familiar with the MTV show that shocked Everyone

a fan spray of water from his mouth on.

and other shows

on the stage, discarded his underwear upon him] said, I will leave to the panties in front of me and put it in my mouth. But you know what they say

take the microphone at the concert on the genitals

inflatable dolls and penis uses in concerts

The Parties no longer agree with this

you think this is crazy and a lot more why is he doing this?

everyone is free to do what you want their life, but personally I feel sorry for this change 🙁 The voice, the songs I listen to I still a celebrity as well as beauty (certainly not intended to offend)

in the past state and the movement was much better, I think, what do you think about it?


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