Milk For Health!

Milk (first sense) that occurs in the mammary gland of mammals after the birth of a biological fluid. Breast milk is a nutrient very necessary in terms of the baby’s development and immunity, is a source of energy.
who she loves, who hates, but if you need to drink the benefits of milk are numerous and fondly.

has a unique taste and smell. White in color. The content of milk fat, protein (casein, lactalbumin, lactoglobulin, immunoglobulin, lactoferrin), vitamins (A, B2, B12), lactose, and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, Iron). The production in the body non-essential amino acids and essential fatty acids.

this general information about the benefits of milk types and I want to talk after.
Milk Varieties


  • cow’s milk (drink milk)

right-click is used in the production of many nutrients and nearly. Skimmed milk contains more calcium and protein than cow’s. Also lower in fat. Before the age of 2 because their children are not given immunity against salmonella infections. Should be given after the age of 2, but very well should be boiled.


  • sheep’s milk

are more difficult to digest than cow milk and more delicious. The color is more white. Contain calcium. Cholesterol reducers. Cheese, yoghurt, butter is used in the production of it.


  • goat’s milk

it is known as the closest milk to mother’s milk. They give the cleanest and purest milk depending on the feeding. Resembles that of cow’s milk, although the color is more white. Goat’s milk is produced from foods, and is recommended in the treatment of many diseases. Because it is easier for babies to digest better. Contains high phosphorus. Contains less iron and vitamin B12.


  • Buffalo milk

butter, cream, yoghurt production. It is rich in vitamin content. The fat content is higher.


  • mare’s milk

used in the production of kumiss. The ratio of lactose and the water is very high. So, the bluish white color appears. The taste is more sweet. It is easy to digest.


  • rice milk

does not contain Sugar. It is composed of milled rice and water. Does not cause allergic reactions. More protein, although it did not produce the feeder.


  • soy milk

soybeans, water, and consists of natural sweeteners. Kolesterolsuz.


  • almond milk

is obtained from roasted almonds. Calcium, vitamin D and e rich. Do not have more protein content.


  • hemp milk

is produced from the poppy plant, but because there is malicious content, hemp and water mixture is filtered. Therefore, the harmful content is cleared.

many nuts like these can be made from milk production. You can do even from home.

non-vegetarian people, cows, sheep, goats, buffaloes, prefer mare’s milk. Vegetarians rice, soy, almond, hemp milk they drink.
the taste of the milk the animal’s breed, age, genetic characteristics, feeding, or even a psychological state, even effective.

the health benefits of milk


  • thanks to its calcium content, bone health and dental in terms of the structure is required. It prevents osteoporosis.
  • physical and mental development is very important for children.


  • regulates digestive and immune system function. Good for stomach ailments.
  • lowering of blood pressure and a transmitter of energy.
  • protects against heart and blood vessel disease.

what is pasteurized milk should be preferred and why?
Pasteurized milk is not boiled in the process is brought to a certain temperature (70-80 degrees) and kept for about 15 seconds and afterwards cooled. During this process, the structure of the milk is not damaged. Must be free of harmful substances only. The milk should be kept in the fridge for more than 3 days. Long-life milk in the pasteurization process is different than.

milk drink. In terms of health is really useful. Don’t neglect do not. Which kind you drink, and you will see the same benefits.
have a healthy day.


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