Minimal Tattoo Models

I’ve been having extreme swings in the last period. Is about to get a tattoo. I have a tiny tattoo of two that already exist.

Fatima the hand of someone on my neck, the other on my ankle the size of a 5 cents Blue Diamond.

now the research I’ve been in the new model. A little something I want to get a hand on my wrist. I did some research. I found many good options. Minimal options I want to share with you this tattoo.

a tattoo is a sin. I don’t Want This man to enter the Fray. I want to specify in advance. Just a tattoo I’m hoping to make those comments with interest.

Nice, isn’t it? Harry Potter fans knows it. E olumsuzlestir the symbol of the Deathly Hallows on your body you know. In my opinion it’s a good idea.

within my heart peace signs, it looks very good.

I think this little bear. I think it’s a very original idea for tattoos this style. You can get the shape of the star map tattooed on your own Horoscope. Between what I think of the Buddha. 🙂

Very cute little chick. 🙂

a common option. The bow still looks nice.

sparrow’s wrist. 🙂

the same size and color, located on my wrist, Diamond tattoo. Maybe you’d like. 🙂

Finding Nemo where. He was here, though. 🙂

good suggestion for free spirits. 🙂

for me, these beautiful tattoos. I’m open to suggestions if you have minimal tattoos that you find beautiful in you. Because I’m more in the decision process.

that’s it for now.



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