Model girls a man could want.

this, actually, the ideal male for you girls, I’ll make the behavior of the model. If I get the attention of the girls at a later date if I wanted an ideal male model (physical things) paylasicam. Anyway, let’s come to our topic. Here is the ingredients! GOOD LUCK

1 – Do not be too watery and too heavy

friends and fun to your environment, the environment should be heavy. A man who is always serious about everything or a man who’s fun I don’t think girls found it very nice. fun to laugh in their eyes when you talk to girls take the men’s title in a fun way. But a serious topic when it opens, also the only one who can say your ideas in a logical way. So you know that you’re a mature person. Try to keep balanced so these 2 things.

2 – How to MAKE what romantic MACHO

after a while the opinion of friends because I am bore after a while romantic men girls romance you can shrink constantly bored with the same things. Girls because the girls are bored machismo this pattern also sensitive, emotional creatures that need romance to have. So my advice to you when it comes time to put your manhood, little surprises, but no romance. Dec romantic activities and surprises will be sure more impressive. In short, these 2 things keep the balance!!

3 – be funny, but don’t overdo it!

Friends laugh, girls like a funny guy who can make himself definitely. because to have fun with, laugh they want to. So try to reveal your witty side. Every human being is not funny, but if you have a talent for it. I’d be witty but don’t be the one who shot and everything to be a joke. Consider when to be mature.

The next item in the form of the title bahsedice.

4 – always be polite and rude because the girls don’t find you hot would think that someone would hurt him.

5 – do not be egoistic, but to make you feel confident. There is a very thin line between friends this, pompous old guy does not find girls hot, but was confident certain men who, girls, cool finds.

6 – don’t be stingy. If you have money in your pocket when you go to a friends place or something in the media you make your generous acts. your girls will be attracted by this movement.

Friends, it is my advice to you. finally, I’ll tell you this : there is no scientific basis to any of these things. I told my own ideas completely. You change yourself, I’m not saying that other people make. Just pay attention to the situations at hand. Good evening, everyone.


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