Modern Curses – Curses Alternative For Blasphemer :)

Hi all,

– I think it contains very little profanity. But I don’t think it would hurt 🙂 –

while watching the video on YouTube last night I came across the sequence of Layla and Majnun,

Modern Curses

not young I think there is no swearing. There are many who swear a lot, I think. I don’t think. So now everyone will use this modern Curses 🙂

will you swear that I asked only in CT? here are the results of survey questions.

Curses, especially


  • watching the match,
  • when you get angry,
  • when you felt the pain,
  • road
  • etc is coming out of your mouth in an unexpected situation :/

I want to note that:

country, flag, main-ata, moral values, etc. don’t cuss sensitive issues. Will not be. Those who condemn.

Again, a dime that was prepared for the purpose of entertainment. Love kscik hang out here 🙂

it starts are we ready ? 🙂

first, Layla and Majnun in the array of Curses that modern videos not necessarily follow

Modern Curses in last video


  • Bottle
  • straws, sodas sounds while sitting at the coffee shop with his girlfriend, but with straw, pipette not the boy. Let it out, the cuts ? Do I put, won’t I ? You’re in limbo. Stick the kid’s a mess, it’s not such a horrible thing to get the girl and the animal that looks like you 🙂
  • shower curtain, you know, the one that touches her hot skin in the shower curtain like that … the ice iyyyh
  • Toilet Slippers with plastic wrap. when one side is cut out of the foot print you can’t. so you can’t wear your feet by pressing on shuffle. Toilet Slippers, dirty and extremely ugly.
  • the broken teapot handle, it’s hot, the club is broken, you can’t keep, either.
  • Sarkozy

other modern Curses (sources: dictionary sites)


  • hole in the socks , the shoes when you see the people you’re having dinner with.
  • Bag
  • the front of a public restroom
  • Toilet mug
  • Pitcher
  • spoon falling in the trash
  • lunchbox from excess boiled eggs
  • bottle, fruit juice in the bottom of sediment
  • bodysuit with snaps 🙂
  • Wet knob
  • Sweaty athlete, such terlersinya that attach to the body, you feel cold, your skin stays you want to throw sticks to get rid of it gets to you, you can’t
  • shower faucet is corrupted
  • distributor cap
  • plastic cutlery ,behold, we break the tooth or the mouth when you eat it enters or plastic cake
  • the gear lever, the one you will have 2 people to sit in the front seat, or sometimes, the one near the driver sets it to one side.
  • rusty nail
  • orange part of the remaining between the teeth
  • Bounty
  • kernel Pain
  • the idle swinging around a table leg mold
  • operator message to people that the phone does not ring for hours
  • don, who escaped Together
  • wet socks
  • Foam Chiffon chain behold, the mighty broken the chain that you turn a need after troubleshooting Chiffon? yuck!
  • non remaining parsley
  • Stale biscuits
  • Toothpick
  • used condom
  • hangnail: and, behold, at the edge of the nail a little interest, without digging, you can’t keep up without a problem if you lose, it hurts it stops there, gets pus whitlow.
  • wisdom teeth: you kind of not the guy from the pain, swell stops, teeth buried into the flesh that they won’t get benefits. such a horrible event.
  • Wet tracksuit pants)
  • stinky wet mold, dust cloth, or something you kind of erase the table, or deleted everything in the cloth he is disgusting let it spoil sweet.

  • the generation from the Father to the son to you sorry for ?
  • dripping from the bottom status
  • what about you, how you are a mature man
  • one side of headphones broken
  • If the Friday prayer, which was rendered
  • Tarp
  • Throat escaped flour cookies
  • with holes in the bottom of a urinal (girls don’t know 🙂
  • Wet loincloth
  • if you use modern curses on this site, your opinion,

    maybe not with Irrelevant Rude opinion can stand as Sharing 🙂

    The guy in this video, he’s using some interesting cartoon characters cursing. 🙂 contains profanity. You may watch if you want : Funny/ place (1:55)

    some particular cartoon – visual – I add a cover photo for fun 🙂

    say hello to modern unbelievers Stale biscuits 😛 🙂 😀


    look under the pillow for all banks.


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