Money and love

A corrupt life, free from the crumbs of love and thinking money, money, money, and gain and loss.

just a passion we had. Mahsun special and it is really, really die. Once human he liked. You know the one … the one that you love like a man? Do you know?

at that time the Divine Love were the root of virtue. Then what happened? Like Muhammad Ali at that time, was to be forgotten!

No, No, No, it goes on! Pinned down, from the bottom of his heart smashes. Why Laila-majnu, once my-no, our time? Dying from love of those who commit suicide in the months equivalent to a year we in the media. We love the vaguest idea what is the understanding of when things used to be.

we loved, not death, were left to the other world, our passion, no love and I wanted to write. It wasn’t out of love. Because earnings are a matter of life and death, the meaning of the word no wasn’t so much this time. Looking now, we see that money is everything. So don’t deny it.

a team of outstanding people Money their father Media! didn’t shoot from the heart for our people blasting from your own home?

The non-working people instead of one person in which you put! They have koydurtmad. We are filled with the understanding that the big fish eats the small fish. When there isn’t time our love Yes. However, the concept of time in the past love never was involved. They hit us us to their home.

this was killing us in our own blood as the sharp destruction a bear hunt! Don’t be insensitive instilled us with such destruction, the emphasis on money is everything, all the way from the depths of our human condition of hurt, and it’s like holding us in death.

when unspoken I love you, I love you, I miss you so much like I love words so simple, and anlamsizlastirili degersizlestirild are you aware of? If someone says I love you, which many of you on the way your face would you be surprised?

maybe most of you can understand, a girl’s/guy’s hand was used to hold a bond that cannot be solved, face red from embarrassment, he couldn’t have been human.

a person’s feelings to share the pain of abandonment, loss to share with someone, a bit cheesy, it was pathetic. No killed! Human relations in the media, players, players! by the scenario being played, people are expressing how their relationship should be normal.

drink his own blood with a razor that had fallen to us as a bear, my people destroyed! I’m leaving/what I have been one day the rest of the world is changing. dedirtili.

however, we are people, people! Our have feelings. How do we sacrifice? We’ll figure how it compares to relationships in the media with the directed?! A longing to see, the love I share two songs that describe real human emotions

now the Media we the people, we the people, our emotions, trying to purge the media, I’m sharing a video that expresses the feelings they want to be. You decide to have.

we must not compromise our humanity, our feelings never.


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