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wondered, and here you are.I guess I’ll give you what you want.DISTURBING MOVIES OF THE WORLD, VOL.1 which is a continuation of the jail, at least as good “bad movies” we’ll give you.

if you’re ready, it is a pleasure for me:


  • human Centipede the human Centipede (2009)

Tom six ‘ write (?) directed and produced the movie he did (?).Missed three tourists from the anus to the mouth to create the human Centipede with their surgery that combines the story of a German doctor.

Six, the inspiration for this film, performed Nazi medical experiments during the Second World War says (Josef mengele). Also P.S. for those wondering, this movie consists of a series of 3.


  • August underground’s purple I (2003)

to the others “the movie is disturbing when you say” I don’t know should be told about this.Yes, this is beyond disturbing that a “thing”.What movie is it?? No music, no editing, no script.A movie in your opinion?

August underground’s purple I definitely is not a movie. He doesn’t have to show anything beyond brutality. Well, you can accomplish what you want?

Necrophilia, baby killings, rape, torture, incest, sexual perversions. They offer you with a video camera and shot all of them. If you’re wondering, stop immediately. No wonder, it can’t be that dangerous in terms of Psychology.


  • return / no Irreversible (2002)

start at the end and towards fiction, and hard sex with the clutter Irreversible (no turning), it contains extreme scenes of sex and violence, rather than being able to include us with the wrath of the success of the film, this is going on the list.

French cinema, Gaspar nOE in violation of the man, gives an answer to all the criticism:

“my films it’s not hard, the viewers soft”


  • Inside / a l (2007)

critic’s bloodiest in the history of cinema from the charm says about one of the movies, Julien Maury and Alexandre is a French film that manages Bustillo. If you ask my personal opinion, not to be seen can be traced.

if the reason for you to join our list in this genre are definitely people who want to see blood to feed, too movie.

children, pregnant women, heart patients, people restricted to work is not recommended.


  • Baise-moi (2000)

how cruel Women can be ?

the most realistic and disturbing rape scene in cinema history in the hosting of base-moi, disturbing movie of blood, p*from being the porn movie film.

how cruel Women can be? If a specific boundary has occurred in mind if you definitely haven’t met these two girls. These two girls in uncomfortable limits edicilik doesn’t really care, violence and pure “naked” form in its centre.


  • Martyrs (2008)

a beautiful woman Again in the pursuit of revenge, it’s still a disturbing French film. Istanbul Independent Film Festival at the film Chamber of most popular Pascal laugier’s torture sitting in the director’s seat.

gotta go with the transfer of contained violence, a different film scenario that must be followed in the editing of a film.


  • I spit on your grave / I spit on your grave

Jennifer Hills.

to write his first novel, the beautiful girl who rented a cottage outside the city, attracts the attention of the men of the town of loneliness. One night, scare him organized for the purpose of harassment, torture, and rape turns into disgusting when things get too crazy. The girl managed to escape from the hands of a rapist, herself leaves the river waters. Guys thinks and leaves you alone. However, this beautiful woman, her experiences until you have taken will not die.

with the version of the original 1978 I spit on your grave 2010 a very successful film. 78 the construction must necessarily follow the production at least 2010. All he saw in KS Boo-Boo in pink to the friends who texted this film for a long time after, nothing was a beautiful girl, I don’t think you can click in the message box.

there’s also a sequel to the film that’s being made in 2013. I didn’t watch but the taste it’s supposed to.


  • the last house on the left last house on the left (1972)

The first step is to Wes Craven’s movies. 17-year-old Mari and her friend set out to go to a concert of their band fan. Cut two paths murderers by a bunch of friends, they are killed by exposure to this journey of life unimaginable torture and persecution.

However, the noble savage, the owners of the house of refuge for fleeing the killers, Mari’s parents will start with. The couple, aware of the murder committed by young people who took refuge in their home at the time, a horrific revenge plan will implement.

It’s banned in some countries due to scenes of extreme violence contains a movie, and after it has gone through some great censorship were transferred to the viewer.

so far, I think we shared a disturbing film 15. A lot of them, definitely I don’t recommend the delicate structure. But you possess your curiosity, and the more you read the end of this post in your mind before now if you made a track list I have no idea.

for the next movie I have no comment. I guess the right thing for him, it is done, the audience will share their comments. Watch don’t watch I don’t know about you, but “exploitation cinema”if you’re going somewhere, that place is definitely one of the above. A Serbian film, absolutely the worst place to start. After this film, most of the above will seem like Sesame Street.

still curious ?.

followed by:


  • a Serbian film / Srpski film (2010)

shown or indicated, unless large and small, that’s why it pisses them off in the near term “terrible”Swan that has been seen on the big screen as a critique of the most serious and most clear authority registered. How is the product both visually and through the ideas of imagination that pervades the audience with the feeling that the experience was a dark unknown a Serbian film. a
Retired p*it has been five years since I made profession porn star Milos. These five years, a new profession who still can’t get Milos, his wife and son and his former colleagues in a manner that continues his life with Layla, happy to him with an offer that could return to the old days shows up. This offer is both an astronomical fee to secure his family’s future that can cover Milos ambitious, and to him, you will not be given the slightest clue about how to withdraw what is so mysterious.

Some audience comments about a Serbian film:

  • “the most disgusting thing you have watched this movie, eats cotton candy with the child who remains innocent until.
  • “how much it is a movie, even if I’m buried between the springs of the seat, so clearly I didn’t feel I stuck inside me.
  • “may contain violence, sexuality, imagination, visualize how much that is. The bar constantly increase. If your dream if you are going to watch this movie, you’ll see nothing in this movie that even comes close.”
  • “it’s been a few days, the watch still comes to my mind some scenes out of nowhere, it’s upsetting. Most annoying I’ve seen in my life, a visual product (though yesterday I watched the clip of tin Tan, I’m undecided), but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s a pretty good movie. The sole purpose of provocation and sensationalism over to blockbuster is not a movie. Tired and it required a fair bit of effort on it.
  • “in a moment of watching, the police will come and arrest us. I thought so.”
  • “in the cinema for the next few years I don’t think I could handle this dosage provocation.”
  • “the Kemalist One, One religious, one liberal, one nationalist 4, uncle direct the ball around the age of 50 matches of this movie, they hug each other to be separated again.”
  • “you need to make a few warning those who followed. Your lover, with your family, don’t watch. Your psychology when she was bad, watch the good psychology which is already disturbing. One night, the head carved with scenes of the film insomnia and during the week, don’t watch if you don’t want to live.”
  • “Rarely is a film to be seen.Heavy is the fact that a lot of things in the movie is as real as the fact that it is true.”
  • “one of the most daring films in cinema history is taken seriously world, I think. Moreover, from a critical perspective, I find remarkable.”
  • “cause serious trauma.”
  • “I watched the film from beginning to end. The movie caused deep wounds in my soul has officially been stabbed in psychology. The lifeblood of the scene but my final cut crashed on me. I do not approve of this movie.”
  • “Keep away from those who find it a disturbing movie or something irreversible, in addition, Tom

    there are two types of film:

    wearers of the elements of theater and Cinematography by contacting the facilities, only those who use the camera to create.

    Robert Bresson


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