My Adventure Is Kizlarsoruyo

my Adventure is kizlarsoruyo

it’s been 5 months been a member of the Yam site. More than 500 questions so far 99 I think, more than 13 opinion I shared. This is me with 100. I think it will happen. For this reason, I’ll tell you what I’ve done on this site in CEM.

this, actually, I’ll tell you what it is ,


  • la kizlarsoruyo is how I met
  • my purpose in the site
  • Sections the questions I asked
  • I wrote the sections from the claws
  • what happened to me the benefits
  • reviews about site Members
  • closing
  • award ceremony ( not that much 🙂 )

kizlarsoruyor how did I meet her ?

* you have to have a dating site with everyone that this story, I have mine. A question stuck in my head one day, I asked the famous question to Google scholar. I noticed this site while browsing the answers. I got the answer to my question. The site is also the memory I got, I’d look again if I have any questions.

* I’ve had a problem like this, I saw this site again in the rankings in the first place. I want to be a member of this site after I got the answer I wanted. In this way I became a member.

my goal in the site

* I’m a new member to the site, I don’t know anything, of course. How you are asked a question, that’s what I think, even I didn’t know what they even meant 2-3-4 next to your name that says.

The first question is Even though I felt ashamed after I severed the connection 🙂 ,

– it says next to the name of some members 2-3-4 what does this mean, how is rising ? 🙂 this question is sad but it’s true.

Anyway, not knowing is not a shame to find out I said. I started to learn everything from the help page.

in the first place my goal was just to get an answer and ask the questions I’m wondering. Looked after she asked good questions, I started to answer them. I approached it like it’s your own problem to each question. That one-word answers, not the answers I would give 8-10 lines.

so, basically, that’s my goal :

with the questions I asked, I wanted to get the perspective of people, I learned a different perspective, through different ideas. I can say that I got the pleasure of really helping people. Some people may not understand what I’m saying is this simple, but quality people will never understand these things.

asked questions sections of

more than 500 on-site I asked the question. I pay attention to most of the questions I asked, questions that are different from the other. Usually I’m curious about other people I have met in life perspective to this issue and asked questions. Prosecuted a joke by the way questions are asked, our goal is to both laugh and learn.

I asked this questions many of the answer I got. Every one of these answers I thought of taking the castle. My idea is the same non-put in a good word for this thread, I argued. Our goal is to learn not to fight.

now that I’m a member I’ll try to write from the moment I asked questions.

* in love my name assigns the first girl ? (350 Comments)

* ex-girlfriend to your wedding, what do you do when he calls ?

* a man what to wear, absolutely repulsive ? (183 Comments)

* The movement in which your lover would end the relationship ? (128 Comments)

* your girlfriend, does it matter which one holds ? (128 Comments)

* The girls at the wedding the groom with a beard though, is that a problem ? (64 Comments)

* what would you do if you found 1 million on the road ? (111 Comments)

* what is the most beautiful city in Turkey ? (363 Comments)

* ask you to leave if your atheist lover ? (50 Comments)

* lying on, Would you take off your socks ? (50 Comments)

* The movement in which your spouse is grounds for divorce ? (66 Comments)

* The person you will marry, what profession do you want to get ? (71 Comments)

* at the wedding the bride always wear a White Wedding Dress ? (281 Comments)

* your child, the surrogate method would you like to have a child with ? (101 Comments)

* The Legend of Turkish cinema, the film what’s your opinion ? (172 Comments)

* would you marry the person you love vicious though ? (246 Comments)

* if your mother-in-law live in the same house, would you ? (87 Comments)

* which is the home of your dreams ? (134 Comments)

* do you believe in love in this day and age ? (346 Comments)

* you fall in love yourself ? (147 Comments)

* 2 million what would you do if inherited from grandpa ? (85 Comments)

* Loneliness is your best friend or your enemy ? (210 Comments)

* you ever did you put soil on top of the person you love ? (132 Comments)

* even though it’s heritage before he died, after death you would you like to leave ? (68 Comments)

* what is your favorite binary integral ? (174 Comments)

* how the photos I took, you can share the photos you have taken from you ? (204 Comments)


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