My detection about men

builds friendships more intimate than boys girls. Girls always trying to be ahead of the others, I think. So the girls dig up pretty well. Men will either break or continue the conversation.
the emotions of Men with other things because I think likes to move it doesn’t move much. (Some men)
are attracted to girl who loves him instead of loving others. Who doesn’t love girls with beautiful legs more attractive, clean and value him waiting with the girl, of course. (Some men)
don’t want to hurt the people who love Him. These soft-hearted men. Spares from the bottom to the opposite side. You want love but you can’t. and
some people prefer to use that innocent girl her love. ‘It can’t hurt him. He’s the man. Vestal Virgin in search of girl to get married then close.
some also forget that his birth mother is also a woman to wear a mini skirt past his hips overcoat woman looks even sweatpants. Accepts horny. A woman who is driven, always.
some men just pure and beautiful as you would like. The girl who hurts him cussing regularly. Much of their value is unknown. Like us, even if it falls on doesn’t equate to saying Oh. Some of us girls We are less.


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