My Own Solution To My Weight Problem

one of the biggest problems today, especially. Well, what will be the solution to this? In brief, I’ll try to convey my experiences and how I made 10 pounds.

Friends my way is not a healthy method but the process goes like this. I didn’t eat any food, only water for 15 days already I have lost 6 pounds and then I started to eat per day, 3 meals and 4 healthy weight gave way. My advice to you Is this is not, of course, you shouldn’t gain unhealthy weight.



really strong-willed you must be. You must keep your motivation high and your faith. Everything is in your hands. You must really willing azmetmel.

obsession and depression

most people are intimidated by the process or that diet weight will be given weekly. Don’t do this, don’t constantly weigh myself. Don’t worry don’t worry about it constantly. Do not be negative. Don’t think negative, and I don’t get the result. Necessarily the result you will get.

don’t cut cooking dinner right now

do not stop to eat now. Controlled and be patient.Reducing the go. As the days passed, the feeling of hunger you will see coming.

fat, sugar, salt and flour stay away from

especially fat is our greatest enemy.You should definitely stay away. Boiled meat and vegetables to eat. Do not drink and do not eat after 19 p.m. in the evening. Lunch 1 Apple 2 apricot muesli with 2-3 eggs for breakfast in the morning and evening to eat.


try running 15 minutes per day of brisk. Fitness in my opinion do not prefer. Municipal parks will come in very handy. Skip IP and face.


drink plenty of water.”This is working even when I’m drinking” the sentence is true and it has been scientifically proven. Your drinking water with pH above 7 should be above and too often you must eat. In between fizzy drinks, mostly soda or plain-again, not very often, so that you can consume the lemon juice.


the area you want to Thin on a daily basis, but not necessarily always, it’s important to hinder your exercises.If you allow 20 minutes per day you’ll be happy.

prefer seafood. Note that the lemonade more lemon sugar is more of everything is not something that is useful in the decision apply. Not really saying you will see the benefits drastically muesli. If you are a chocolate addict, and then eat 4 a day exercise. Choose foods sugar very less of energy. This is my sample diet Menu 1 is my day.

in the morning, 2 eggs, unsweetened tea, 1 slice cheese and 1 slice wholemeal bread

Noon, 1 apricot 2 apples and Yesil

in the evening, Light milk 1 cup mixed fruit muesli

I was would be able to discuss if you want 🙂


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