My thoughts based on my experience on the relationship

usually until the age of 22 passes with sevgililik relationships as the only relationship. the breakup of marriage, even if the end of the imaginary Council decorated. it’s sad when people break up, worn-out, suffer, etc. etc. the breakup not occurred to anyone to learn from, but living.

to give an example of myself in high school a few times daily, my dear, even I change was happening. at the same time I had a date with girl 6. but as the years progressed I started to take slower steps. and I recognize myself. I set my criteria, I recognized my personality. according to him, too, dear, I called myself. when I say full I found, of course, dear, we’ve been through the past 4 we had something.

later, there are others, besides me. I acted calm, talked, I wanted to leave, but it will change, he said. this was repeated several times. I mean WhatsApp finally happened just what I wanted used know. I realized she was talking with others. I’ve sobered up. but I gave 3 years. I was the party who always sacrifices. she’s happy now, but I’m a little bad. or obvious I’m bad.

last I met a girl. she told herself. realized that I am not. a beautiful language without breaking it, and I told him. there is now in my hand a list of criteria. I’m going to find a girl for him. it’s a little hard. maybe impossible, but it makes more sense to stay in pain rather than get a date.

I say, if people end the break-up ending the relationship if it finds from all the errors that are done in a relationship that will not give you any room for error. and maybe you will be happy I think.


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