Mysteries In The History Of The World – 1

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this CEM in historical past, and still cannot be an explanation of the mysteries of the hand I’ll take. 3 1 again, we begin our review home system with.

Lady Babushka

the famous Babushka Lady, on the day of Friday 22 November 1963 at 12.30 pm in Dallas, United States 35. a mysterious person out of the agenda in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Babushka means old lady in Russian, The name comes from the appearance of.

what makes the mysterious Babushka lady conspiracy in the assassination, the only person that took the photo and closest to the prediction, and if it was pursued by the CIA and FBI, when everyone fled in fear and absence of even traces in the assassination, the Babushka lady’s cold-blooded assassination of the way to full is estimated to have photographed the moment. Information about still not.

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Solway Firth Spaceman

Fireman Jim Templeton solway Firth in the UK on 23 May 1964 and his family go for a picnic. Jim Templeton of the family draws the pictures in a row 2. noticed an oddity in the picture. There is a guy behind her in the astronaut costume. 1 and the same man. and 3. there is in the pictures. The guy that Jim Templeton who claims he isn’t around while the picture is taken, then in the following days, was interrogated by two men in a black suit claimed.

after testing film Kodak official explained that it wasn’t fake, and announced the award to prove to people that they are fake, but the picture is fake no one he could prove.

The falling body of Texas

The Cooper family in their new home in Texas and transported to their home taking pictures. The left side photo the appearance of a human body falling down after pressing fear has created. A cheat has been tested and it is proved that the picture many times. The mystery still remains.

Hipster time traveler

this photo which was taken at the opening of a bridge in 1940, he lived with the costume outfit there’s a guy that don’t seem to belong to the age. Gotta hairstyle, wearing T-shirts, cardigans, and with camera in hand, almost stands out as a time traveler. Still their place in history as an unsolved case.

this picture from another angle

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