Newborn Baby Shopping List

this CEM in myself, too, so I had to do for the new baby should be taken and those to be made I’m going to talk a little bit.

zibin plenty of snaps for the baby in the first place

when you have a baby you will use them in abundance. Warm both hold the diaper in the first place athlete like you’ll have to keep both tight. According to the season of their birth, long-sleeved or short-sleeved as you decide to take one more class.

set the output to the hospital

This set of 2 You can get one. Cesarean if you give birth in the hospital you can stay for a long time and 2. you may have a team. It was good for me one I gave birth to a normal team. Fancy harvested a lot of them are sold. The ones at the pool can take from Eminonu in Istanbul, han. 35tlden start and ranging up to 100 billion are available.

Patiksiz and bottom 2 teams

you can get more of them. When I say more, 10 or enough of something, of course 🙂 you will use a lot of these when I was new born in the house. Especially because you will have to change up every will be good 😀


they’re depending on the season, too. You don’t need to buy too much from them, but them they don’t pollute 🙂

the blanket-Vest –

to try it on when baby wakes up from sleep Vest or something, too. I don’t use it much, but my mother always told me girls vest dresses 🙂 for you to use on both thin and thick blankets to cover you can get and when you go out. Of course, you guys don’t go overboard and buy a blanket as I am 12 13. 4 5 enough 😀

Combing hat-gloves-towel

you will be wearing the glove so you can draw face for the first time. In general, most hospitals like they’re already giving the gift of Set Set 2 2 3 If one is sufficient. You can wear the hat on the head so he can stay warm after bath time. I don’t have to tell you the towel 🙂 you will need to use after bathing 😀

The bathroom ware

Bath sponges are sold for babies, but I didn’t buy because I didn’t have to. The body already gets dirty. Baby shampoo, body lotion, Bath Tub, Bathroom nets, soap, Bath Thermometer to measure the temperature of the water (this really isn’t necessary) you can get.

wipes Mouth

are sold as ready Them, but a white muslin and cut out by the edges and make it yourself. My mother had made for me.

baby diapers-wipes or cotton

wet wipes prefer soft ones. I’m sure you don’t want to be rash in their skin is already fragile. Them moistened with water sold as pure cotton. You can also get found the diapers suitable for your baby. Molfix I’m using it. The biggest factor is quality and both made in Turkey.

Fire – measures room temperature and humidity meter – diaper rash cream

whether you have fire by tapping the fire like me if you cannot understand oler for a device you should consult. Paranoid like I got 2 just in case 😀 meter ventilation when humidity rises with the heat and humidity of the room to make sure that you or the baby if the cold is highly beneficial. Bepanthol diaper rash cream etc you can get varieties as derivative. But my advice to you, don’t give them too much money. Most cream I have tried and I am satisfied in this regard Co nem. Yeah, You know nem 1tllik cream 🙂

nail clippers-changing cover-Spout

you can get nail clippers for babies of the smaller ones sold. It’s cheap stuff. The sinking of the changing vegetation in your home if you don’t want will be the Savior of your life. A pacifier sucking reflexes go crazy on you because of help save it 😀

The baby stroller-Kangaroo-Portbebe and derivatives

I used the first 2 to 3 months of portbebe. But that arm is hurting a little I’m afraid. My biggest Kangaroo mate about this. I put my daughter, and it easily to go anywhere I’m coming. The ones that are more useful as a stroller cane. But like me if you get deceived by fancy that sort of 3 Wheeler then the other. They’re a little heavy 🙂

since he was close to the end of overtime hours and so I am a little busy this time. Next, put into a hospital bag what it would be in jail, mom Essentials, I’m thinking of writing etc. Stay tuned, ma’am 😀

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well, then


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