No Harm To Anyone To Write A Little, Perhaps There Is Benefit.

everyone want to go away Sometimes. And from where is to run far away as possible from everything and everyone around it.

The main reason for this request is not recognized by anyone however the people around the person know very well is the fact that according to me. Because of that, you will be prompted to disappear and not leave a single footprint.

being a stranger to everyone and everything around him, people live in harmony with them self while trying to lie expertly creates. Only in this way is accepted because it was mentioned in bukowski’s books.

Increasingly heavier, a sense of nothingness

mile away Ourselves from ourselves slowly each day while consuming, one plugs into to our feet, and we still wear the shackles to our feet where we are with just one still living in the name of, actually alive now when we slaughtered inside we’ll be killed at his request to go away in the later stages.

now because it’s sirtlanan the lives of others, to make others happy, our place among the crew, who suffer already afforded.

I think there is only one thing worse than a people to be deaf to him in life.

Well, this is going to change the way to go away, what can I do to get away?

Indeed, the era became the sole power, in contrast, the dirt is what is referred to a hand money, or a halt, we can’t. I mean, sit down and let us thank God today better go and brew a tea or a cigarette burn, a tea with the smoke. Loneliness has been a cherub ultimately existent disease. Well, that’s why I wrote them. Frankly, out of boredom, as I mentioned in the title, do some writing, didn’t do anyone any harm, maybe there are even benefits.


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