No need to extend everyone the same pilgrims

everyone the same or you’re different, man

The woman is not something that is to understand yourself,knowing that people recognize and have to act accordingly.
there are no men different women have different,always the same, actually.
we build a small little worlds where we can live what we want all the trouble. We could actually fit into this world happy and peaceful life for all of us people with a short request.
‘ cause life is too short and time is moving so fast, unfortunately the time we had moved past irresponsible smoothly in your high school years.
After that you need to give value to everything that happened in our lives, every person, to every detail that makes us happy.
now, let we make our choices and live accordingly. After that, the Preferences according to what you did in the process if you’re on the road now that means and what path you have chosen.
this now being good or being bad it’s our choice completely. Adapt to the majority, rather than plurality, when we are in a time was the most accurate of our own creation.
the world has become very small now,a scream will be heard from here all the way from the equator until it shrank. From what we can tell, is actually right here, hearing this cry, our choice to be deaf or to be human and to live and act accordingly the rest of your life.
you dragged, and don’t go after anyone, if you have a way to go life is urged in the direction of your conscience, breaking anyone, man or woman, child or animal or anyone talking bad behind your back life is really short and quick.
weaknesses Do not disappear after Caprice, no one’s gone “while you were gone shit oh shit” you’re saying.
I live and we all desires to be remembered beautiful.


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