Now how paranoid and ruthless to become a long article with her narration

it’s the end of the month of November 2014.the day after a bit of teachers.tide going between a relationship with my boyfriend.girl is already assigned to a remote part of the southeast.endless troubles and go to a psychologist.crying on the phone every day or something. one morning I was shaving I fucking paperwork while dealing with my job gone, my phone is ringing.the caller ‘d.’.again, I hope nothing’s wrong what’s wrong? ” I’m opening it on the phone. after talking for a minute or two, those words is etched in my brain is falling apart.’now don’t this relationship’.of course, ultimately it’s been 5 years we are not leaving so easily.both his parents and my parents in the affairs of the reed will be 2 to 3 months after the promise.then the usual dialog is going numb and getting weaker and weaker with the power of sparse messages sounds that time, filled my head how familial reasons, financial reasons, or something.I’m going to Istanbul for a ticket I got then.hat a comfortable bus, but I’m not my head, so I’m thinking about familial issues Financial Accounts I’m doing I pull the head like I’m taking the win.we are staying in captivity how to bide my relationship shit is the life.coming with the auxiliary service desk at hand. I’m going to facebook from the phone and I get a cup of this trip had so much trouble when or how it will be on the head also.fuck it, man, I say, so I’m looking on Facebook.then I notice a photo!thrown in a photo of like 9 at night. 1100 miles away at home, with my own hands about 2 to 3 months ago I’ve built this house on top of the stove, cooking chestnut 9 -10.labeled as you are, my darling, my beloved girl and a fellow from the same town of a child who is teaching there.I’m going to my boyfriend’s profile the child immediately with the Teachers ‘ Day the kid who sits at the same table.I really doubt it’s been in 5 years but my confidence never shake the girl who suspicious to me sounds heavy.anyway, I’m saying I’m waving the girl a message.if you can do something like this, to inform me of this way to find out about our relationship was wrong and I want to give you a decision in 1 week.I am all in my own way.I have come to Istanbul with my boyfriend for 1 week and then the subject of this photo and the issues we are discussing.but it isn’t anywhere we can go that that you’re exaggerating if he says to me, how so unconcerned.moreover, I’m struggling with the disease.let’s solve this problem better if it says that whatever happens to me, I’m just saying I’m not happy about it.again I’m going back to the city where I live and the morning comes a message ‘let’s talk on Skype face to face evening’.I realize I’m being this going to be what makes it difficult to talk face to face if I’m telling you now, and a message of mutual 3-5 our best wishes, our wishes, we’re ending Our relationship by playing in a fake way.relationship, cuts like a knife in the middle of the month of December 2014.

past 20-25 I am struggling with my own life, I’m doing sports in the day and friends when they ask, it’s over, I’m saying that I don’t dare to talk to me.I don’t turn around and look back, but I still I can’t balance things on my head.the effort to establish my patterns and my curiosity doesn’t give the result I’m losing.of course, I have blocked his Facebook account after a breakup.he also is deleting all mutual friends.but I see the picture for a cover in the middle of the month of January 2015. I have taken made me a heart shape necklace 2 Jelly Bean on the table and facing each I’m saying to I’m saying I guess it wasn’t this necklace you gave yourself shopping.but my mind is on other things it doesn’ I’m texting WhatsApp ‘bla bla bla is there someone you like? bla bla bla’ .of course I’m bound and doesn’t, I’m saying that is struggling to finish, I do and I respect the struggle to establish my own patterns, I’m going back to.1 week later from a private number is calling several times in an evening.listening to my voice but no sound.I’m closing cursing again.then again again, that evening, one of our kids I suspect. Of the 20 days we are entering the month of February.I’m drinking my coffee, I got interested in taking pictures. a special trick! this time around there are kids.the present moment does match with us already.I’m just opening the phone, of course impatiently.again, a person who listens to my my ex-boyfriend is starting to take my place.I didn’t delete it easily had 5 years already to settle on the top while my mind isn’t difficult.Saturday 28 February or Sunday 1 week later day.around 9 in the morning my phone is ringing.again, special number.this time I don’t open over the weekend because I love sleep more than anything.I’m wanted for 4-5 times, but I’m picking up.then I wake up, I’m going for a walk with the kids and make breakfast phone’s ringing again.I open saying I’m bored.this time I’m talking I don’t wasn’t like I’m talking to my people on the phone.they are asking ‘who is man?’ a girl’s name I’m saying I don’t know 2 3 I say waving is one of them.In 9 minutes, listening to the sound of approaching you’re finished with the phone and closes.I’m really happy, like an idiot.still there I am saying something. We are entering the beginning of the month of March.the darkest, most difficult month of my life.remove the obstacle preventing my doing it over and over and over again after my ex draws routine daily checks.and in the middle of the month of March, has now completely removed the obstacle.I can’t get rid.I want to get rid of the memories of 5 years hurt me hurt I see.I need to fix my curiosity.

returns no result and paranoia.I’m starting to.I’m opening a dummy account before anyone, carefully as not to attract suspicion I’m having.I’m adding random people like boys, women like a profile like a stone is getting ready for the pheasant.meanwhile, women so easily I am amazed that it has been accepted and request the opportunity yazisiyorumm with grains between 3 to 5 hahaha.then my ex-boyfriend’s account I’m opening.but I can see only 5 to 6 photos more.even a message cannot be discarded.enjoy the photos I have laid my eyes immediately between the usual type horny most most 5 6 I’m adding one, Maybe if you have common friends I hope I can see more content.ultimately, the number of chicks on our list is the stone more and I think I need to walk out of here.positive requests is making a comeback, but not as a result of Facebook just rewards my efforts by opening the posting thing.I’m angry, but my ex-boyfriend once again make an honest women so I am in awe.I feel like this is almost infuriating me even more is myself a hacker okan.I need to attack, but how ? and again my ex-boyfriend I’m opening up 5 tabs of 6 different pictures.I’m looking to get more likes separate.but here’s a little detail I notice.chestnuts cooked on the stove top in every photo of this Ibis I’m going to profile this, but before me the same problem again, I think all that shit off.the same way a joint or two and finally I’m going with it as well, my friend, but still there’s nothing changing.anyway a picture of my eyes looking for my lover saying among some people who like Ibis but I don’ the meantime, I’m learning in the comments under the photo of the child getting hair transplants.that comment in your friends ‘brush my hair, it was like,’ he says to me your title I * All I’m saying.have been the heroes of the fight that ultimately ended my relationship.surname to find relatives from among some people who like the life I live and how I’m throwing around in my head that this is an area 3 5 detail.classical Anatolian man.the pancakes in the photos of the teas there anlica emmi bazlama of his while hoping kocis pancakes with arbitrary pump-I’m having tea with photos.meanwhile, I’m going back to the comments under the photo, comment under a picture of someone most likely to be eventually very close to you if you make.of course, the uncle emmi I’m missing in the comments.the people who made the comments, when I examined the teacher I’m going through the Contacts, and bingo! 1 of 2 people I find the child every weekend together.of course, a picture of this Ibis.everything tastes jargon from speech to clothing I’m studying.once again, our old chick’s profile I’m going.I ambition I’ll blow myself away, I blacked out highly.immediately gugil from ‘how to crack password in Facebook’, ‘facebook account playback’ I’m running, but in vain.every time it’s across it so I don’t anything too wrong brothers’ warning comes.but there must be a way, I say to myself.I try old passwords, I forgot my password I’m trying, I try their old password, a mail address, dates of birth, names of specific idioms or movie I’m choking on something.hacker okan gradually my strength is running out.I can’t play this girl’s account, but what about friends ? so an idea popped into my head.I’m giving it pretty thick arms immediately, and this time on my wall I have faith that my crazy network!!!!ex 5-6 pictures and I’m opening them one by one on their own.The need to review 20s 20s in groups of about 250 people.but none of that is used when entering mail address to facebook it doesn’ this point my uncle gugil rescue grows. a minute’s work, with Facebook I can find the name you are entering into a person I’m learning.mail is so good L*N I’d say the most beautiful things I say in gugil water.then I continue from where I left off in the process.approximately 60 to 70 people, on the assumption that I’m experimenting I’m going through one by one, but I can’t get the result.her sister will give birth at that time because I’m missing because I’m doing makeup gumletmeyelm account of conscience, like myself, it was very easy, too * .I’m looking at close to 100, but a woman and fotolari fascinates me for some reason.her husband’s name, kids ‘ names and stuff I’m learning face.I say this is pure I’ll walk a woman through it.I’m trying it, of course.
I’m doing a trial approximately 20 to 30.but no of birth catches my attention at that time.I’m saying that password is your date of birth in which the goods, the woman appears in front of me. a keyboard, a monitor I’m looking at.I practically stuff my brain that is forcing this woman says.nice bizimkid not that he was doing a stupid movie.I’m looking to the woman again, aimless woman.groups like diet groups handcrafted full housewife.all I’m saying is accurate, he lives with the life of the woman true purity, and I’m trying.Day Month Year first.doesn’t happen.then day, month(name) year.doesn’t happen.then only the year.these also are very short .then double-I’m switching to a triple combination.and bingo ! 2 times a year would generate the password of the woman, going out and I’m I seem to have fallen into a black hole in outer space.your feet’s too zipliyos of facebook but let me ask you something, how many, he says, and is putting in front of me 5 photos and 5 under this option which says.I have the right to jump 2.don’t have a right to the Joker, but the audience gugil * fuck that I say.each photon one by one under 5 of the people I’m running from another PC in gugil.this stage, and I’m having difficulty.and finally I arrive on the witch’s weapon’s surrounded by the castle wall Facebook.but I also learned the message of what I’m looking at his Facebook I password sure the woman notices.I continue to work front of me and my ex-boyfriend after we broke up he keeps the things he did.Pie Party 2 3 3 5 depression songs, writing poetry by candlelight photos(the evening of the day me first custom search), concise, kezban yaaaa stupid words in your head when you say this girl is definitely saying I’m depressed, I’m grinning. a WWE SmackDown from ‘the dark half’ song is not stuck.behold, the orgasm more pleasurable, there are moments you say or do at that moment was that moment.of course, this doesn’t take long.March 6 is the day that something attracts my attention gassa defeated flashlight.he made a bet with someone ‘come together to form’ he says??!! lantern girl who is okay btw * .moreover, there is a girl that has nothing to do with make a bet on who is such a girl.of course, with a special person as a joke.wake up right now, I say to myself I’m examining in more brush for each picture that you liked the Ibis.the words didn’t just do like the songs of separation.No of midwives * Ali Sami, I say to myself, but the wolf inside of me piece at the picnic.tenure school I’m looking for the name of the child immediately by downloading a word file I’m learning.then I’m going to the MEB from the site in the profile of the school.the village school but the school principal the teacher the child because it is a, the Ibis, the number of communication writes.I’m taking this guide.WhatsApp status, everything is open to everyone.then my ex-boyfriend photos I keep.Put a face photographed, but who took them ? I guess tripod is tasimiyo-to-ceiling photo shun.I’m downloading photos from immediately after separation 1 2 tall suspicious.I’m looking at the EXIF information EXIF information.hmm.then the child sifatsiz downloading photos when I’m a two I’m looking at the EXIF information. here, my dear it’s starting to hurt.I now have no doubt reason for being out of breath.the same phone out of photos.the pieces are slowly falling into place.I’m going WhatsApp.I can see both of them every minute of every ex still contacts me, my settings are only removed from the book by trying a different phone in the meantime they haven’t made as I’m learning.but I wonder what he said.anyway, here’s let the chant. March 23.the girl, her sister for the birth of Antalya.I’m saying that I think this might fall this opportunity.if you have a situation when they were separate cities, however, could I be in love with WhatsApp.pursue.I’m downloading the whatsapp web.and finally, like a slap when I wake the same time online and offline at the same time.I can’t stand that one day I can follow.I’m looking for boy and girl, an acquaintance from his place.a friend from college, the girl of 5 years. “sister, you said it was I don’t know, but we see even surprised we even argued about it says’.don’t forget don’t you worry D we.’T, but it says to figure it out sooner or later.oh, how I wish it hurts.but I’m telling my friends the situation by sharing the pain lessening.I need to do something.ox others sitting inside me that I need to shove it up the ass what I’m saying.I appears that I left behind many years ago that ugly face for a moment.I’m attacking like crazy in the heat of the moment.the cuss girl I’m the boy I’m texting, and I’m being stonewalled.does not reach for.about it it’s like I’m to blame for everything that I am getting from my sister.grams it’s night and I didn’t eat anything for 2 days.when night comes, everything coming down on top of me, I’m drinking like crazy, but in vain.kolpacino it comes to my mind like a line from 5 in the morning ‘ on a hole in a man’s place if you flee, your ass hole opens up that man !!’

I’m going to work in the morning, but the title Manager allows sending to my house who understands me.obviously this is more work because it is my job to end up coming in at.and the conclusion I’m starting to.separate me of my first girlfriend abused with fake accounts, correspondence, I find the photos I also kicked our ass.then the child said 2 3 I’m taking a screenshot through the message of the detail.she says she and her friends even when you’re with me we’ll leave that detail what I learned.a few photos from our time.I’m writing a long letter to his sister plays victim to this whole thing. a few victims of the lies and, of course, I bugged this I’m taking photos.give your brother! if you harass me again, I call the Prosecutor’s office.the subject of what happens to her sister, begging them to anyone throwing, or even if she doesn’t, so I can’t go out in public.that case is begging for my sorry brother, you will pay for that says.okay, I say, of course, don’t answer your calls, but we’re doing this conversation with WhatsApp.I’m taking a screenshot of the begging correspondence.this is also in the pocket.I’m texting from the phone then the child.he doesn’t answer I’m looking for, but I’m taking these photos to face.of course, not only for himself, relatives and close friends 3 to 5 I name them before I found it, too I’m going to throw what I’m saying.I’m telling him to the bottom of this.during this time he called why we broke up blah blah blah.doy eat now eat what I call waste.of course, the relationship is killing children.what happens now if you stop me again, begging her sister that their relationship is over, there is too much evidence in the right hands, but can burn to the bottom of this says.but this is enough for me.I have solid proof that ultimately are victimized and abused.thanks again to my sister.but no one can put out of the pain inside.and in the end her friends and this girl I’m telling the events to her friend’s boyfriend.I don’t take the photo this time, but his sister begged and he gave me the child so they would be convinced of the details, I’m taking a screenshot of the subject minutely and never make a mistake they don’t I’m warning for anyone.these are girls ‘ boyfriends, some of that is me making a comeback as positive.our old girl but the girls the news is flying.looking at her sister once again, this time I’m opening the says I can’t send my brother over there.speaks more than friendly.asks if I’ll let you do what you want your life to take you with me .and now doing something or making a decision.this is painful enough that a new child was born to a woman who I believe.

now the process of cooling down.last I say again I need a shot.enable you to go back in that door, and he stuck his head to cut off his head.I’m writing an apology note quite.a sincere and heartfelt apology.his sister also.I’ve put you day post-6 April .1 am My phone is ringing while you sleep at night.the caller’s ex-boyfriend.she can’t speak from crying.he would commit suicide since he is able to face and suffer from very people he is talking about.we are all on the phone and WhatsApp.taking pictures of the pill.that is what I did after that wouldn’t be happy talking about him so bad.listening to him my heart like that.but then those two people with me and they pulled me off she was excited about each other I think.I’m losing myself, my dreams, expectations and unshakable that the collapse of the trust of my family.then again my hate composure I’m asking him things.why you looking for me? why followed? why do you have a relationship with that child when tampered with my mind again.and that necklace.and the details of their relationship.reproach me with the phone call from taking over your life and happiness by the woman who I took to me like 5 in the morning pull yourself up on your ass and eat her feet by pulling his speech concludes.actually, you called me his sister and she gave me the pill and I thought I would take photographs razor but don’t hit me very much my boyfriend, I said not now.don’t feel now was suffering.what would be cool is your sister your girlfriend/call me at night and pull off wailing cry write up send.anyway.I hope not.I’m saying I think you’re suffering from this wherever die. and that anger still I’m waiting for a step.I hope to see the smile on his face after that.


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