Now that summer is over it’s time for tan protection!

Flormar, since the end of the summer, however, will allow you to maintain your tan during the winter offers product options color from each other.

Flormar Terracotta Blush Blush Selection and top varieties in the series, enables you to have a bronze appearance in winter. Selection of terracotta blush, want to open from each other with different color options, or whether you have dark skin, you’ll be able to maintain the tan you gained during the summer.

The selection of TERRACOTTA POWDER

The selection of Terracotta Powder, your skin with its special formula and spectacular natural kapaticilig and impressive appearance. Produced with special technology, the high persistence which is the effect of the power of terracotta powder and concealer selection of different colors and color effects (gradients), thanks to your skin stunning and elegant appearance. Corrective effect with a smooth, Bronze complexion, creating a glittering and pearlescent colors. The content of a specific complex, thanks to the harmful UV rays and protects your skin against external influences.
Price: 25.30 TL

selection of TOP BLUSH

soft textured, compressed, small, the selection of the spherical ball Top colored Blush on your skin throughout the day a lasting coloring, gives vitality and a bronze appearance. In composition the pigments that give a natural shimmer, thanks to the stunning colorations complement with your makeup. Dispersion and in powder form with brush strokes, won’t fly for a long time because of the use offers the advantage.

Price: TL 20.25


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