Nuts Of The Month What Would It Be?

Hello friends bear nuts nuts I said the event is the month we collect. What we do, I wish you pleasant reading and wanted to tell you how it went. 🙂

1. Nuts cleared the weeds at the bottom of the stove

Previously we are doing a cleaning and go to the garden and to be able to move freely. Our garden needs to be clean in thought nuts where we see it’s important.

2. Pack up and go to the garden

how crowded we’ll go to the garden when ripe the nuts if you are sincere and it’s that much fun.

3. Begins the process of collecting and nuts

Everyone keeps a queue, and from that time continues. Finished to total to total is a little exhausting, but that exhaustion you may not feel like laughing.

4. Collect the nuts in place

This is the nuts one by one to the ground bent and I think it’s a little hard to find.

5. The nuts drying process

zuluf till is out of nuts dried. I said nothing Yesil Zuluf hazelnut part we say it is. 🙂 The crust will continue to brown until it is dry to dull.

6. The process of the engine knocking

Zuluf when dry, the motor is shot the machine with the machine when it is not obtained without extracting redeeming thing is that 10-15 people to sit down and we were sorting out all the nuts.

7. After he was shot the motor, the drying process

The engine is shot and in the normal case is left in the sun.

8. After drying, are put into sacks

Bags filled and sets out to sell.

9. To be sold are sold and brought to the place

where you sell everyone an acquaintance if not, there’s the nuts we sell in the most appropriate place. Happy ending 🙂

Thank you for reading. 🙂


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