Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

the disease known as obsession, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) captures the thoughts and behaviors that are circular members. ‘Obsession (obsession or obsession called obsessive thoughts, ideas and impulses with the ‘compulsion (compulsive), repetitive behaviors, and mental action, a mental affliction. For this reason, obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder. So, extreme cleanliness, orderliness, symmetry don’t pay attention to the door-furnace to control various behaviour and thoughts, to break his relationship with himself and his environment to the degree a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder is called.

what is obsession?

from the outside will make people feel uncomfortable or distressing, repetitive thoughts that cannot be fired with obsession with a conscious effort, he could not be prevented from coming into the person’s mind, the mind that take us away from thoughts, ideas and impulses. Against the will of the person come by people are assessed as preposterous and intense boredom and restlessness, anxiety cause. For this reason, people try to ignore these thoughts and impulses or to suppress it, or so they try to eliminate them one other thought or action compulsions.

what is the compulsion?

often made to reduce the inconvenience of repeating obsessive thoughts these thoughts and unintentionally expelling or social movements, it’s overrated, intense annoyance and discomfort of obsession behavior and mental actions are made to reduce or eliminate the iterator. The logical connection between them with whatever they intended. For example a person who gets his hands dirty with tokalasmak may constantly wash their hands. This would require me to wash hands and to wash one’s hands has been highly irritated that there is a contamination. Involuntary hardship that creates exhibitions and the person these behaviors yourself. Hence, obsessive-compulsive disorder, literally, impulses and thoughts that have become an obsession in the mind of the person it is perceived as necessary because loss of action. Their purpose does not provide any pleasure or happiness.

they know that is irrational…

will damage a person’s self-obsessions and compulsions. People with OCD obsession is pointless and meaningless although they are aware that their obsessions or all of these obsessions and they can’t keep themselves from carrying out. Behaviors that are carried out according to a specific rule and order, to temporarily relieve thoughts people by serving aims.

EVERYONE can have a piece…

many people queue to check the furnace door or the Dec, pounding on the table, cleanliness, diligence, orderliness, goods, or accumulating money, such as paying attention to the symmetry of the various obsessions, that moment when you find ridiculous his behavior and thoughts you may have. These symptoms don’t cause trouble mostly serious. However, some people, if they find some unreasonable thoughts and behaviors and continue to have to do again and again. This situation leads to loss of time and work significantly, negative impacts on family life, makes life miserable and the person’s substantial mental distress, life begins to disrupt his relationship with his environment and with himself, this could be a spiritual problem that you need to think.

what are the symptoms?

if a person, even though you believe the thoughts that constantly haunt unintentionally ridiculous and is causing significant distress in his life, it brings your mind to these thoughts or if it believes that it should be applied in a solid form, and don’t stop yourself from doing so and if you repeat their behavior, obsessive-compulsive disorder means that there is.

the stove, couldn’t be sure who had closed the door of his house or his car (obsessions) that a person, again and again the doors, check the stove (compulsion), any money or property of a person’s thinking obsessively washing his hand when he touches his dirty hands zorlanti (compulsion) behaviors such as obsessive – compulsive disorder are an example of.

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