Of University Life The Tragicomic Document

Hi all,

this year, I’m graduating from college. My diploma in my hand, they’ll give you unemployment, we’re almost there. Kadıköy Tuesday market at countertops, I have an open mind tights with the title of dietitian, but du let’s see, where life is flipping me off ?

this year, the University prepared for the exam, who will be in college next year I’m going to write articles about preferences for friends. There’s a little more time that summer, and now you expect the University residential College for the graduates that called for reading documents I wish we gezsey I’ll leave you with la through the years.

I left him a note : Again for entertainment purposes and sharing.

another note : enjoy. Save messages still.

I’m starting.

The words, video, pictures of a nice piece 🙂 (1:45)

1) The College life, student house Vol 1 🙂

2) those who desire to private universities , campus life, the quality of Education, and artificial students, because of roughness etc, consider it one more time.

3) The girl next door Kezban Law School won, and I have to win ?

Where Are you going, the passenger, think about it, I chose my favorite part of the episode ? ask yourself.

4) will be read to be admired for ! 🙂 Love nest is the home of the program(!) our universities.

5) finish quickly can be advantageous at the College, the choice is yours 🙂

6) The students will stay in dorms for the first time that I don’t have advice, my advice is they should take care of themselves.

7) being oppressed, don’t be a loser, being too overwhelming, smart and hardworking.

8) incapable brother, a lawyer, don’t be !

choose your character, the appropriate professional !

9-10) midterms and Finals it’ll be fun. Try to enjoy it.

11) do not rush to make it to the finals, friends, you receive in the thigh, excuse me.

12) the thigh after the finals. Have a relationship with those who know it well 🙂

13) when I graduated, my job is ready(!) of my death, you think of yourself.

14) and graduation 🙂

15) everyone success in working life.

I was going to do 20 but I’m tired :/ Anyone in the academic life of endless success.



Miray Kübra my college boyfriend 😛 😀


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