Oh, Girls, Please Behave Yourselves

for men the answer to be written.

please get your mustache girls !

Please cut your forehead with a razor blade or armpit hair ! You know, just the smell of sweat and sticky in the summer that are identical to the bristles. A a disgusting spectacle it is !

as a trick with your friends and show men that you’re around you make my armpit hair more than yours does so my putting on airs !

Please be Transparent, White, deer, or do not wear tights with Justin Bieber ! Transparencies in your underwear or even underwear especially for everything you’re wearing even looks square ! a

please take a bath before you leave the house & deodorant, roll on, or something! A sweaty never back off, don’t !

these girls are Also true for men called perfume perfume does not cover up the smell, the smell is even worse. Because you have been in contact with the stink !!! Specializations of smell. Because it stops the smell of her on top of any perfume ever perfume are you wearing?

there is such a thing, or that’s hilarious 😀

please hang around on the street with high heels, knock-knock, we’re sick of your voice !

you have TA want to wear a sock or your foot smells so bad, that it gets the scent of the foot.

it’s a bad situation already separate rough to see your feet :S

for now, this is a much better million, or I was too lazy to write. Remember, men cover your own flaws before you’ll call a flaw !

you have the right to criticize yourself if you are perfect then men. So obviously the girls in our country the country that it’s what men do !


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