Old relationships – Separation and suffering in terms of ways to get around

Hi there!

Yes, everyone wants to know, and we’re getting down to looking for a solution. A short time ago I’ve found this solution not so much. You need to do before I tell you what, I’ll add a few notes. Whether it would work for this situation depends on you, of course there are some situations where you have to request really heartfelt, positive affect and negative affect can be caused by the events in the direction.

And let’s move on to our topic!

I want to know the truth!

The first rule: ask yourself, why?

why are you leaving, or ask why you left. But don’t blame yourself never

everybody lies.

The second rule: be honest to yourself. Tell the truth yourself.

don’t lie to yourself!

The third rule: admit it to yourself, even here admit. I have a confession to you. So I got out a short time ago, he was cheating on me even though I’ve seen it with my eyes and my heart rejected it that it was a stupid situation 🙂 Everyone thought the man was Chinese hits, been cheated on the twins chest 🙂 and I miss him, Yes I don’t like it, maybe no one can’t give a definitive answer, but what we do together our experiences and our meal did I miss us together go to sleep 🙂 admit that there is nothing to be ashamed of.

and forgive me. ( I forgive you)

The fourth rule: forgive me! Yes, you heard wrong forgive me. Hissizlesece when you are forgiven, you will forgive him and also yourself, even if you’re in the wrong party.

don’t concern yourself to continuous zirlayar. There are times and places.

The fifth rule: don’t concern yourself Constantly, always ready to love, but her pain never do not try to remove it with another it will hurt more that you wait at least 6 months! especially when it clicks in your thick head that I’m writing. WAIT AT LEAST 6 MONTHS BEFORE YOU START A NEW RELATIONSHIP! because according to research, it takes at least 6 months for a person to become numb.

feel free to cry, but when it’s appropriate.

The Sixth rule: cry, crying is not a note of weakness that you can do when it is not a remedy. Her ambition is to keep people from networks inside cry. But next to your best friend. You open your mouth, you just wait until you calm down. If would be worse if he opens his mouth. (I couldn’t do it 🙂 in Ankara and one in Adana, one of my friend’s 2 🙂 Right Now I’m smack me.)

Puff Puff by cigarettes and avoid alcohol.

The Seventh rule: it’s not the solution, alcohol or cigarettes. Make time to celebrate them. It was not meant to be. Gone is gone it’s done. Bah, And I’m … use them for.

you can’t say that. Never say that you can’t!

the eighth rule: you know there is a statement, but never so never say never, never say don’t. Do what you want. If you want what your heart wants.

destroy from the root!

ninth and most important rule: eliminate destroy whatever about him, music, gifts, memories. Remove all of them.

do not delete your history.

the tenth Rule: please, please do not try to delete him. Bad you become the more you remember. You need to do is that’s my past, AND I’m not leaving him. This is because history is the self. And personality is similar to a tree without a human. Your history is important. History, Turkish history, for example, how rooted, but otherwise? if it was not explained in class? What would we have?

This is a bonus for me! Don’t listen to your favorite music, usually the dead month I love to listen to music like that get to you got to my head to cry Hu Hu.

no need to cry, like I said, only cry once and relax. The rest is just an old memory, your children’s children tell start by saying I’ve done anything dumb, you are going to see it as a funny moment.

In addition, I have a confession to you in the first place cheated when I saw the boy I was almost going to drown. I came to my senses at the last moment.

I was going to toast almost burned up with rage I’m insane. You don’t make a mistake like that.

thanks for reading 🙂


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