Older we remind you again, it’s been this long ” the legend of Games

I guess I didn’t see any games under that title on, I think I was the first in this area, I think.
let’s start Here, I wish you pleasant reading.

it’s been 13 years since Warcraft 3.

it turns out that you expect the game to be Out for many years, and her over the years are going by. I’m surprised it’s gone so fast how time. This masterpiece, which can be considered the best of its kind because it wasn’t enough that Blizzard’s dota was so good on its own gave birth to a pup. Nowadays, everyone playing World Of Warcraft is so much more to look at, but thanks to this wonderful game continues to keep alive the legacy of DotA.

it’s been 13 years since Knight online.

I hear that you say it hasn’t been that much no way. In a way, you are right, because the American servers so that the opening 11 coincides with the year of 2004 Year. Yes, it’s been 11 years since this slow poison from our bodies. In 11 years young youth disproved this nice, nice families were destroyed, but in a way the knight online was always there.

reset the boss, go on a Scavenger hunt thrown in servers, sometimes tense, sometimes to the bottom of the exp party where the deer was shot, the trade screen open and work in a way dupe the item build and the vault with the knight LVL char, relentless PvP, and much, much more. 10 years he filled with the reward of sin, and continues to count. Knight online online the acting bar to a whole new level in the country that is still played with passion. There are actually the keys to the car, you’ll get a full item or you’re gonna char. Anyway.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City it’s been 13 years since.

undoubtedly one of the most colorful games in the GTA series. Get with the radio you get with the story that was different than the others. Now the whole world is awash with GTA V itself, but it is hard to forget. Currently, the country is one of the games installed in every internet cafe. Meanwhile, fuck the lot of the construction task mini helicopter!

it’s been 14 years since Max Payne

Matrixvari it will be a game, a helluva lot’s going to be words we’ve been waiting for. Matrix bullet time events also remain below expectations slightly when it really gave us the experience. The play to continue despite the stereotype came on, and even even the movie was filmed -which I think it was a fantastic film-I mean, his wife and child were killed, Avenging our brother max was licking the nasty face you’re making right with lemon too.

quake 3: Arena it’s been 15 years since we left.

now it’s a game released though the nose kivirilm too much graphics, easy gameplay enchanted us. The tournament was a flock of made. I still don’t. Still that continues to be played by lovers both literally and as a metaphor for the distraction I can’t think of another good alternative. In 15 years doesn’t like this, friends? No, it doesn’t.

need for speed: Porsche Unleashed, since it’s been 15 years. (NFS 5)

need for speed the best game of the series. And perhaps the most beautiful racing game. OK they most wanted and underground well and good, but this game iliklerle button in front of the class. It is a game concept since all the cars Porsche the brand it was, as the game progresses, the development of both models, both the dreaming we would be witness to posche’s history. The memorization of players all Porsche models from the beginning until 2000. Ask the young people in the country are relatively as a cause of getting to the Porsche show field this game, and I wouldn’t be surprised. Over 15 years have passed can not believe all of this great game.

it’s been 16 years since Diablo II

even people chant your name makes their hair stand on end. Act four of Diablo in the end encountered the first time is special for all players I think.

always trying to find a better item of work to bring the highest level of character is exactly what we ate for 16 years to play. And good have done. Nice may be lawful.

counter-strike since it’s been 16 years.

the producer, the Half-Life engine makes rattling in a mod like that would change the history of the game when the world did he know? Probably right now, in the age of Turkish youth who have played Counter Strike there is a young man even once. Although so many years have passed over, for the internet cafes are indispensable. Not to mention the revamped versions. The guys install a game or dust attack.

it’s been 16 years since worms Armageddon.

the world’s cutest most fun game, of course, when you are playing with your friends.

it’s not over 16, even 100 years will not decrease in pleasure gave the go. I’ll probably even try to play the sequence I ihtiyarladig Dec. These wolves are essential. In the meantime, these tips don’t work for me, I want to change the sound files if you are saying you get more of the team. For example, my team aha Kemal sunal the lines that her head cracked open when the bomb went off he was performing hehe.

it’s been 17 years since he left the commandos.

The name of the game in his head as soon as I saw the German soldiers alert! alarm! shaped cinlayan shout here.

Askerli like a chess game, each move had our significance, and we brought the end of a false move.

it’s been 22 years since Mortal Kombat II.

Fatality, we did the muscle finger so that they do babality each special character strokes, we know by heart, the king of fighting games, Mortal Kombat II came out exactly 22 years ago. It’s not easy though, a full twenty years. Now 22-year-old ayila bayila even the ones that can play, let alone fighting games with the latest graphics well this is the best one.

it’s been 16 years since Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

it was arguably the best game of all re fans. Lost a serious fan in the next series, puzzles, play this game still because of fear of change and removes the camera from the elements to a separate place.

that night I couldn’t sleep because of the Nemesis on the cover of the CD I know.

as I mentioned, I wanted to do one on the game I think, and I think I’m doing a good job is to gather and compile it.

Enjoy okuttuy me apologize if I have spelling mistakes. 🙂


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