On The Agenda Of The Country Last Week

last week, Turkey on the agenda of many significant developments, news and events took place. Undoubtedly the most important of these had been because of the New Dawn newspaper. According to the paper, with the death of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, it was a claim not to be killed by the poison. This claim, Turkey has become the subject of ridicule on social media and on the Agenda, had become a trendy topic on Twitter.

This have been rocked with the news on Twitter. Zaytung ucan’s tweets and just text I’m adding.

New Baby while you should get your logo on the top of the document? Stupid Secret assassination? New Dawn logo at the top of the document pic.twitter.com/usjy1IhoOS

— Text-end (@text end) April 6, 2015

The tweet of the news website zaytung humorous in this topic:

The document that pointed to tomorrow’s New Dawn newspaper Atatürk AKP years ago. Prepare the documentation surprise pic.twitter.com/PQLTnd9Fj7

— Zaytung (@zaytung net) 7 April 2015

the bus that carries the team Fenerbahce, was attacked while returning from rizespor match Ending 5-1. In the event the bus driver were injured. Two people were arrested and sent to court today about the event.

this attack by making a statement on Fenerbahce sports club explained that it wouldn’t come to the games. The Turkish Football Federation and league matches, FA Cup with a holiday declared.

for parliamentary elections to be held in the month of June board election measures will be taken to the transformer, the generator non-generator announced that it will be supplied.

President Erdogan, the AK 6 rotorcraft at the Palace. the time entertained. Erdogan, in his speech drew the attention while that raised in the comments to an interesting detail.

Erdogan, Turkey across the country as some kind of headman in the effort to serve our nation. found in the description.

let’s see tweets about this zaytung.

“I am the headman of Turkey,” President Erdogan announced that he would soon receive a fee for each document that is approved.

— Zaytung (@zaytung official) 8 April 2015


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