One-Touch espresso and cappuccino Miracle!

The first brand that comes to mind when thinking of de’longhi Automatic coffee machine, automatic coffee machine only in places with an eicas 23450 mini select s allows you to sip you can taste that delicious espresso and cappuccino right in your living room.

now it’s just the perfect consistency of the coffee by pressing a single button you can prepare an amazing machine that you want. All you need to decide what you want to drink what you do. A foamy cappuccino, a tasty espresso?

de’longhi ESAM unique flavors that can grind coffee beans in 23450, g, which may vary between 13 and adjustable brewing unit capacity of 6-14 function, which offers different flavor options you and your loved ones. Thus, by going beyond the standards with De’longhi ESAM 23450 you can prepare your coffee in accordance to your own taste. Also programmable automatic opening-closing feature coffees prepared with the passage of time, despite new made staying warm as always.

de’longhi ESAM cleaning for you while the cappuccino 23450 warning system, water filter system for water hardness to be able to see the water level programmability and capabilities it offers. ‘The energy saving system is equipped with ESAM 23450, pleasant, friendly chats between 86-142 mm for different sized coffee cups that you can set in on a hopper. Removable drip tray, Cup illumination feature and not to mention the coaster.

de’longhi ESAM 23450 than before, coffee has never been so delicious, the coffee has been never so fun and easy to prepare!

The de’longhi all coffee machines in Turkey, Bimex, media Markt, ESSE, Migros, Saturn, Teknosa, Carrefour, Best Buy, Kipa, Tansas, Metro, Praktiker, Bauhaus, Tekzen, from electro world stores you’ll find.

de’longhi ESAM 23450 including VAT recommended retail price of $ 2,500 are


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