Only man worthy of the moustache!

from your pants to shoes, from jackets to shirts, and even even though their careers had taken away so many things, let’s keep the males have Whiskers!

wants to get rid of your unwanted hair, with the advent of the summer, you cannot perform transactions on your laser tweezers is hard to deal with but if you’re looking for practical and effective solution for this, hair Remover wax strip kit Sally Hansen’s newest product – the Mustache, the bikini area and Nov bantlari in the private network should try.

only a few seconds to complete and in a safe manner and mustache, and helps in getting rid of unwanted hair in the bikini area Nov.


on the network professionalism in the hall, very practical and quick way!

hair Remover Wax strip kit

the slower growth of root hairs and taking out supports up to 8 weeks new feathers will help you to have smooth skin.

you will be trading wash and dry the area thoroughly with soap and water. On the network band, warm it by rubbing it between your hands. The surface of the tape 2 disconnect from each other. The bands from the network, application area to feather the output direction (growth direction) should be attached in a reverse fashion, with a motion quick and firm pull. After the procedure, apply with relaxing oils inside the box.

Soothing Azulene Oil after waxing, which is located within the box, can easily help you to get rid from the wax residue, while smoothing and supporting your skin hydration.

in the box
17 double-sided band on the network (total network band 34),14,7 ml Soothing after waxing Azulene oil.

Pharmacies Authorized
Sally Hansen hair Remover Wax Strip Kit – Mustache, the bikini area and on the Private Network Bands Nov Price: 26 TL


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