Or to deceive Deceive deceived deceived you

good day,dear son,

Initially I would like to specify this bencei.

nicknamed the secret father the secret I am writing on the recommendation of our brother. And, of course, part of this story that knows

actually, treason, along with how the virtual environment can also be reliable.

obviously the subject deceive and be deceived.

to the point where I’m starting high agdalandirmad without excuse. On average, starting two years ago, virtual worlds, serious to meet.

in a psychological sense, Because I collapsed back to life I threw up from the pain I can’t breathe, I was spending my days of being even hated and even breathing.

Because I’ve cheated!

through that door was in solitude that I open every now. Being a familiar stranger in the early days of a tenant was now four bedrooms and a living room in my heart for free.

my heart was dying the birds one by one. What is establishing to reach out to my hand. It’s like I built the bridges were falling down. My heart was riddled Swiss cheese, and now you do the same I would dispose of you who are left. My faith in love, because it wasn’t right.

Because I had to sacrifice everything for the sake of my life, my dreams and I wasted 6 years of my health, my family and everyone around me for everything that I said to you that the man I loved another woman so much she was three and a half months pregnant!

our wedding is in two weeks and I learned it.

he stood up and replicates of loneliness, pain, rebellion. .

five minutes of losing my mind with the thought that I can share with total strangers on the internet my problem is that I created an account on a popular social networking site. The type and style all sounded too good from the Start and I had long conversations with different people of all ages from every country. I was being a confidant with them. . .

now I was feeling a little more relaxed when I’m over I don’t know what I could think more clearly there was lightness to share.

one day, a boy wrote me. She liked me, you want to meet, and found it pleasant, blah blah.

I warned you several times for it to go away. Every day another dose by increasing the insistence continued. I think of serious or something very boring place and had to meet now felt was becoming of a sentence. Look, I said your little brain and you think your narrow view here, dear every one is looking for, but my six year grant.

The name of line items line by line in his hand, and take my man sayiklattig my past, my hope, my faith, my heart, my love, my dreams, and crunchy chopped.

stay away from disappointment filled my quota now.

that lasted for fifteen days as a result of the insistence and I made the decision I went into a blocking profile sharing and hit me in the eye.

My life, my woman, enamelled

now what was that. The personality Profile is working his ass off for fifteen days to meet me in such a thing was impossible. I went to share it immediately. Under the enamel is a written comment from a lovely lady called

My father is Eren, berat

instead of that idiot lady’s profile Enamel I went with the ambition of being placed.

really nice was a beautiful woman. All messages from a named individual Berat me with anger I told the lady to you. Initially didn’t want to believe it. Asked for my password and I gave see the harm. He was no longer sure. Showed a rather extreme reaction

I was reading the curse of the trouble Berat.

said he wanted to talk to me. Asked for my number and call me in the middle of the night, on the average, cried for two hours straight at me.

I was very sad. Someone who understands exactly how you feel, I had to taste to be cheated on.

I’ve seen it a second time. It was ridiculous and unnecessary, and now the whole trusting men in men’s eyes was the same.

as we all know the popular phrase all men are the same, actually a woman heart burning with anger in an instant and then he said it wasn’t a sentence that is open to criticism.

what is a generalization about men that I don’t know how ridiculous olsu was all the rage from theory to law turned out

here we agree

isn’t it?

in a week that I would understand how ridiculous and childish that is

The Lady called me the next day and, of course, the next day.

now calls every day, every day, was crying the same words to me

on the third day the slander that was waiting for me to say I thought all the pain was real but nothing like that unfortunately.

The fifth day it started all weird. Ultimately, a stranger and so to speak, between-breaker, I was a bad girl. To me anyway. Why you insisted he was looking for me,

on the sixth day I started with remorse. I remember the day I first heard of the betrayal. He was feeling the same things.

why don’t you just shut up and quietly why I said Why I didn’t go though this pain I’ve been instrumental in, I started asking to the mirror I

and on the seventh day when I turn the phone

I cried.

said What happened to you, silent for a moment, the sound he was very confused

I just said I’m sick because I feel guilty every day you’re crying because it hurts. Silent, what to say off, wished him good night and hung up the phone


a message appeared on the screen after n min or so. Ladies enamel was coming from.


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