Our issues that we need to be careful while choosing your future wife

Hi guys,

In today’s CEM, long-lasting and that we should be careful while choosing a wife for a happy marriage I’ll try to write our topics.

before you pick a wife, we should get to know ourselves very well. We like what we don’t like what our character is what, what are our boundaries? We need to answer these questions. Know yourself, yourself of yourself a person without getting to know the other person, it is not possible to determine whether it is appropriate for.

a new girlfriend/boyfriend you had. Will not start anyway because no one will end a relationship(one night stands). Anyone living in a long-term relationship begins. I think that may be his wife, maybe that person in the future.

Actually, dear, there is much to be done in time. Recognize the one in front of us. We need to spend time together to get to know the one in front of us. On the phone, it’s not about texting.Always answer the phone or respond immediately to the message may not be in a position to human. Give a negative thought to the other side of the Buddha, or to the contrary suppose. Respond immediately to your message. The message tell me what you want you know. However, who can have the courage to do what you say or may not say to your face. This leads you to recognize that the other person is wrong.

Example:the night of the 12th. You’re texting your lover. Emotions and desires at the highest level. A That you’re looking at your lover so I would love to be around you right now is texting. What would you have done in case you are taking a message. The answer smell and kiss, hug, caress his hair, I would love to says. If we could do it if you were here I wish you, etc. the way to do it is going to grow. After 2 days, when it’s done your lover is getting closer than before. To kiss you, to touch you is looking. Your boyfriend, girlfriend, changed in an instant. The question you’re asking me for sex with you.

this in the example I gave, the lovers texting each other, they can recognize how wrong that was an example.

our beloved, we become closer emotionally, we’ll be in love even the one in front of us like we will. However, we need to act with some logic. The one just in front of us when we act our emotions, such as there is a chance of correct recognition. Because he sees only good things, we don’t want to see their bad habits.

The opposites-with the understanding that some people would be happy. Short-term relationships, in the understanding that opposites attract is true actually. Fun, enjoyable relationship. But as I said, short-term relationships. This contrasts it’ll ruin your life for a long time now. It will make you unhappy.

the other mistake we made when choosing a wife that will be getting married in the future in the future, though it is a behavior we don’t like change or the thought of change. You must accept the person you will marry. You should not attempt to change. Accept it as it is, or agree to marry.

note that when choosing your wife is more of your common fields. How common in your area, you will have a life that you enjoy doing more fun things.

Example: sit at home and the wife/husband for hours with PES/FIFA I have a friend who plays this and they see it as the secret to happiness in marriage. My other friend likes to ride a bike. Every Sunday with his wife of 30-40km bike they put and this makes them happy.

the most important thing is beauty/handsome wood alone on marrying. Remember, beauty is a temporary condition. Eternity itself will not be in anyone’s beauty.

Example: showing the physical changes of a person and I would like to share a nice photo I found of them. They’re 15 years old girls the year 1975. Please calculate accordingly.









in the example I gave above we have seen how much the beauty that is temporary.

there’s a lot more to tell but that’s all for today. Thank you for reading.


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