Our Menstrual

in the throes of your period, all women’s worst nightmare. Especially if we’re on workplace or school, our first day, it means that it is miserable.

What we can keep warm or curl up in a corner and we can sleep. Which the nerve is more noticeable especially on the first day, stress, aggression never becomes unbearable.

when you arrive home after work or school, will be of little comfort to you to have a shower with warm water.

then it will be good to drink herbal teas. In particular, ginger, peppermint and chamomile teas. Care must be taken to keep your feet warm during these periods. You’ll see the pain will not be severe.

ruled pads with wings long in order to feel yourself more secure and comfortable when you prefer the brand and get as much as possible.

Kotex, Orkid, Molped. It can prevent the quality that these brands ruin your clothes. Don’t neglect to change your pad 3-4 hours. From a health standpoint, this is an important point.Always keep your purse clean underwear and one pad of 2-3. Imagine outside, on the bus, or at school next to her boyfriend you have your period, go call your PED and pad instead of trying to find the right underwear you can use.

men, Yes us guys of this nature is made, it’s time for the female to accept the situation now. u us you agree to this you say a word to our situation.

regli the basis of being a lady of us. If you are not on your period, become infertile, sick, troubled be a lady for me to have cyst in this disease. Your spouse, lover, when you have your period give morale support, love, we need more, love it, and US.

In our shoes, you

actually, looking at it if you want, here it suffices.


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