Our School Lives We Have To Listen To Lines!

Hello friends! Familiar to all of us today, our school life, let us remember our precious friends in our lives.

maybe you’re the type of person you guys this interesting people?

Yaa you crossed the line, But

This with a friend you’re sittin ‘ down right in the same order. Of course, you are in grade school. There is a line that you draw back to Turkey to order by. This line is divided into two parts. It is forbidden to cross this line. You can’t put your pencil eraser in his district. You put in the title you immediately when you hear the phrase: Well, you crossed the line, though.

Usually in elementary school.

Can You Take A Look At My Hair/My Makeup Properly?

in the course, even lasting nail Polish in the bottom of the queue, fix their hair, with kankiteskoloko different from each other during recess (?) the type of photos taken. A-actually most of the time – just ask the question in the title.

Usually are in high school.

My Teacher’s Homework Have You?

man, we know that the assignment is dear. Now that you opened the subject why you? Anyway, my dear, we WITH YOU A I’ll see you at recess. friends of friends etc so you sped up! What you’re doing now is unknown. Maybe a CEO of a company.

Usually are in middle school.

Come on dude, I’m toast.

I think this is my favorite type of people are among the people. Spared nothing, share everything without thinking. The expenses go to the canteen and pattern, but they are also good friends. Your right it’s will not be paid friends. I hope your generation ballpoint.

Usually are in high school.

You Don’t Know That?!

always, everywhere, in any case, whatever these friends that tend to pick a fight I’ve stopped away from at any time. If they are using it in a fight and please don’t talk without knowing or not knowing!

usually the nursery/kindergarten are found in.

Look, The Teacher Is Calling You.

usually are at the head of the class, everyone memorized the notes, all the teachers and the pupils circles. Sometimes friends are mostly harmless, although very frustrating motion. ‘call teacher’, ‘The Guardian’, ’70 you got’, ‘the teacher to go on maternity leave’ most of the sentence you hear from this friend.

they are everywhere!

Thank you for reading. If you show interest 2. the episode definitely comes.


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