Özcan Deniz and Sila


after a long day, came home and sat for a little distraction while watching the TV, suddenly the AD begins, and in one night that rocked all social media I’m coming across a particular advertisement. I say advertising, but advertising is actually just the belt hit.

or, you know, as long as the clips on the music channels. Full 2 min. 48 sec. E may grant such advertising material to all of us the strength of Allah, Inshallah one day. 🙂 Who can’t (if I don’t think so, but) you can watch from here. Or if you followed get to avoid more of this torture.

‘IIAAAC’ begins with a sound when trying to figure out what the words are, click özcan Deniz, I see. I know that the real tragedy of 2. half would be revealed.

Ozcan Deniz don’t click like you like you, that’s a separate discussion. The one in particular I’m pursuing, it’s actually not. But even if you do not follow it cannot see during this period that the theater towards the art of dealing with the claim of a person in an advertisement, come up with such a figure, (to be blunt, but) ‘what the fuck’ feeling is not waking up at.

But once you get past the first shock, mind, dance moves, actually it’s not, don’t force it, there is something I can’t put a certain finger in the AD, but that flaw yet within two minutes. Because Ezel Akay’ s great movie, ‘where are you Turquoise dance moves we’ve seen similar from him, but it didn’t bother that at all.

then, the second shock wave came and, up ahead, suddenly the girl from Salina Salina ‘Aaa SILA this’. It doesn’t hug but still no ad. Everything you need to capture the audience made up of both male and female, though the heart up, open-shirted men in skirts beautiful girls, swaying hips, etc.

I can’t imagine that life could come together (maybe I’m being a jerk, I don’t know my my resulting prejudices) has two names, it’s all over huh huh I said it’s over, epic length, still dancing and singing in an advertisement. (‘Oh, it was worth SILA’ it’s not that he isn’t, in my mind.) Because I am not following what the other one also, if it is true that the weapon’s new album I expected.

finally the AD ends. I’m dazed in the park. Until today I knew because I learned a lot of things that I think there is a wrong movie.

advertising courses at the school in a short but striking, we learned to find original ideas. It would break our project work grade, and we’d be even course. (Now I want to extend my respect to my teachers.) If you have the budget, look at how you can turn off an entire generation. Most of the day you’re both getting the job done. Money isn’t everything but to us, they said. Please, Sir, them Two who would dance.(Look at the budget and everything)

and then I immediately went to Twitter. Yes, the subject of the night. Tweet about your ad to thousands within 3 minutes. And then one of them caught my eye. And I don’t understand and that’s the disturbing part was completed.

everything I write here, maybe it’s a personal discomfort. Behold, you love a person you will see laughing and having fun with someone you didn’t like it, you displayed a bad temper, maybe that’s what it was, but the tweet also mentioned in the AD when I saw the original of the song, instead he sat a little more everything. Watch Here. Less Then. I’m finishing the article 🙂

the dances in this film, The animatronic didn’t. ‘Indian Film I come across this kind of dancing I can see. I think that is the nature of men. Even when fighting they can dance films. In their own way, but it’s a style.

look at Ours over there, and choreography major, (the main man behind a group of 5 or 6), such as hips and tits rocked plenty of dance moves that occur when you add together the foam from the original Eastern Western what a strange thing it was. It’s not natural. It’s not the genre. Two people in his career, why would do such a thing?

still I could not get through it, Here’s the point.

-Money? (not!)
-to assume a different character of the artist, the desire to try different things? (but it’s gotten out of hand. Charisma is not specified, the border well there’s a plot)
-talk and talk. (I think to myself that I’m thinking. When that sank had so much trouble in the country now?)

‘A IAAAAC .’ (PSA: you try not to drink carbonated drinks, though!)

one last note: in the meantime, an advertisement caught my eye last night (I watched TV last night really!) my next article on him.


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