People who have lost the path..

OK guys, this is my first dime I question not, but inside me I know there must be others like me in that it can I want to share, and I start to share with you.

people who have lost the path.


  • so of us laugh in each environment there is a fire within us that we are the people who we’d like to tell someone, but I couldn’t tell anyone no one would notice us because we knew we have lost the way for those of us advice is meaningless. our result-oriented because they are for us only the result is important. We’ve done our best to find our way we’ve done everything we can think of it as things that won’t be the worst would be to move on and we became.
  • a lot of us fought in the past, but somehow we are the people who have not Advanced the way he wants it. We went to others that didn’t have their own way of the road in order to go forward ourselves, we understand we are the people who extended for much later. Our life always searching for something because we’ve never found it so it will be the way that we think, never will come back again. E and a new path, a new life, a new love, a new order.? No, No we can’t we start again ‘we are the people who lost his way’ only once experienced everything for us, then we try to continue our lives with him the consequences.
  • finally, I mean all of us, we listened to every song, every poem we read, we are looking for our future that we visited every street and the people we love. We’re waiting for the light, a new way we’re going to scratch, but we also take our hands and we are looking for someone who can take you from your own path.
  • care.


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