People Who Love What Should I Do?

really, really loves the one who loves you should treat her what to do?

First, falling in love with people you care about the other person in the eye that is seen from him, nothing else should show in every way.With his behavior, with his eyes, with words,with laughter in his eyes when you looked at him. In short, all that is supposed to make him feel that special feeling with his presence.

*should be jealous of the people who love.To avoid the eyes he loved. Protected from other eyes.

*you feel free to express love in words, but so I’ll.(Of course, without being too strict, tough wasn)

*Love should never lie.She’s going to te you trust who can you trust?

*Constantly want to be around love to spend time with be happy and need to turn to him.

*one shouldn’t everyone you love.And that is supposed to make it feel different from everyone else that he was special.

*not to mention people who love special days. (Have no clue what awaited him if he forgets!)

*be nice and respect your attitude should be loved.

*Like little surprises and deflected him.

the most crucial point that you love shouldn’t hurt, and afraid of losing him!

of course, everyone is different of showing love.There are some think it is pretty obvious there are some love it, but are too shy.

this also the first topic I wanted to share with you this CEM.Thank you for reading.


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