Photo Sites I Can Recommend To Those Who Want To Develop A Culture Of

Photos Sites I can recommend to those who want to develop a culture of

in the village Gölyazı Bursa with a picture I took, I think, let me start.

advice to those who want to take photos, click on the link.

I told my story to start benchmade the previous photo.If you are really interested in this job, you have to start somewhere.For example: smart phones in your hand it is a very good opportunity for you.

while I suggested to go to the internet sites at your fingertips and the beautiful squares you can see.I’m not suggesting these frames just to see, at the same time, take a hint from this picture.

so, basically, you can develop your perspective here looking at the photos. Get information about shooting techniques, see new places, plan your trip between these places you note down and write, participate in photo contests, and join the tours with them for a photo is a member of the Association and gaining new friendships, beautiful places you can see.


I would like to give You brief information about Ifsak.Operating in Istanbul, the Association of photography and cinema.You can get information by clicking on the link I gave above.The features of this site ,


  • Photography training course available. (Workshop Practice)
  • photo competitions.
  • the program education courses are available.
  • Photo tours are organized.
  • organizes a seminar.

from Istanbul and is a very good opportunity for someone who wants to learn photography.


click on the link and you can get wide information.From the beginning of the culture in this site photo, photography techniques, photography education, photography associations,exhibitions of different photographers, articles, editorials.While browsing this site ,


  • culture will increase your photo.
  • get information about shooting techniques.
  • the frames you will get tips from different photographers.
  • according to the photo, you will learn the associations.
  • briefly, a site where you can learn everything in the photo.

3. Net photo

you can click on the link and login to the site.If you look at the tabs of the site, we see what’s going on we’ll be briefly summarized.The features of this site ,


  • tools that can be purchased with the property market, you can browse Foto.
  • in the book the photographer, the photographer can see.
  • from the Classifieds section,with the money wanting to take a photo, the photographer or the caller who wants to sell the machine you can see other postings etc.
  • beautiful photos taken from the photo gallery can be examined.
  • if the foto is from the news section, photo contests,events, exhibitions, etc.


you can login by clicking on the link to the site.A distinctive feature of this site, where we can see Turkey and the world the unique beauty of the place.Features of this site.


  • you can get an idea about unique and beautiful places that can be visited in Turkey.
  • we may obtain information about the major sightseeings of the world.
  • join the Forum and you can discuss your information.
  • you can see current tours and seminars.
  • Photo where you can see everything about a place.


you can login by clicking the link above.The features of this site ,


  • information about shooting techniques
  • information about the features of the camera and accessories
  • photo gallery
  • machine and accessory sales to be made
  • feature thanks to the forum for discussion and information cycle.

6. Web photo

there’s a few features from the others on this site,some aspects of other sites are equivalent.The features of this site,


  • are devoted to the horoscopes.
  • to obtain information in the form of question and answer
  • Writers section, there are articles about photo of the author.
  • there is a feature videos.
  • many of the features on this site are on other sites.


you can click on the link and login to the site.A site that I like so much about photography.Features that are available on this site are found on other sites.Features


  • photographers shares their photos.
  • thanks to the forum tab, the information consists of a pool of.
  • photography equipment tab, you can learn the features of the tools.
  • exhibitions, seminars and competitions you can follow.
  • they provide continuity in the site, enter your photos in the top 500 as voted,and you increase the probability of detection.

for now, they are photo sites that I can recommend to you.I would recommend you to browse through all of them and actively use them at least 1-2.

I hope this helps.

I think I started with a picture I took in the village gölyazı me, I’ll end with gölyazı.Black-and-white much pull I have, but on advice I did 🙂

Kemal sönmez


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