‘Play For Nature’ Project

October 2, 2009 fırat çavaş, and Vildan was established under the leadership of ozfenerci.

Nature, it is not that it doesn’t matter, don’t think about yourself, don’t worry.
We should, for ourselves, it’s selfish.

has been a lot of problems that occur with globalization and global warming. The major types of these problems, floods, climate change, water pollution, environmental pollution. With the project, to be a different approach to these problems have been tried. The food source of the human soul through music, tried to reach to the target audience.

1 – crazy in love LIKE :

a lot of artists different from each other and the instrument is located. A lot of people from different regions and provinces came together for this project. Emphasized the importance that should be given to the environment.

2 – a long, thin line I’m on :

involved in the project, and the music of music as it is known by most people who live in our country. The reason for this to happen, the more audience appeal to be more beneficial to nature.

3 – GESI TIES, GÜL OYA my cycle, than Forum :

prepared with the music in the project, the importance of collective action has been emphasized. In addition to individual susceptibility, cooperation is also important. Intended to achieve the goal, they argue that it must be moved together.

4 – sprig’s to get here, waiting for the love of Abbas giant FLOWER :

nature has for us. There is another world. We are all of this world. When harm to nature, we hurt ourselves. A tree when you cut one of the veins is cut off. Let’s get our environment which is our source of life!

5 – five minarets in London :

6 – buckling, I threw it in the fire STRAW (from gimil) :

Only when the last tree has been cut, the last River been poisoned, after the last fish has been caught. However, after that, you will understand that you can’t beat the money. (Indian proverb)

wishing you a day more to protect your environment.



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