Postpartum aesthetic suggestions

postpartum AESTHETIC…

Motherhood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and the most special feelings of their lives. However, the scourge of mothers and the mothers after birth and they all deformations in the body. During pregnancy or after birth cannot be given for you to get rid of excess weight that a regular diet and exercise is not enough, as a result of the elasticity of the skin and sagging of the roof in case you have intensive way, plastic surgery comes to the rescue of women. The decrease in excess weight, pregnancy and even eliminate the distortion created in the body of the body to get back into shape inevitable aesthetic plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist Surgeon Dr. naci Çelik those that were curious about all the intervention we asked.

pre-natal and post-women in their bodies what kind of changes will there be?
during pregnancy due to hormonal effects, the female body increases the formation of edema. Also in the relaxation of the tissues is seen. The subcutaneous tissue of normal development and the child grows up and lose quality, depending on stria (i.e. cracking) will occur. Again, depending on the weight, hips and butt area, and changes in the structure of the skin (cellulitis and cracks) consists of both regional excess fat. In the meantime, the two places most likely breast tissue changes naturally and abdominal tissue. Sagging breasts especially after the lactation period after birth and discharge and shrinkage of the upper parts can be seen. Whether or not these changes have seen the milk of the Mother changes.

the postpartum process what most women wanted ?

naturally the most desired operations, breast surgery, tummy tuck and liposuction procedures. Breast surgeries are among the most frequent requests, respectively, breast augmentation (partially that provides Lift), breast lift and breast reduction operations. Some patients Arica process bad tummy tuck C-section they want to repair the traces. Most desired areas of liposuction, respectively, hips, abdomen and waist area.

how to be aesthetic have to wait after the birth ?

can be made according to the course of this operation all of the patient’s needs, but whatever is to be done, no matter the weight or breast feeding patients they could when they’re at the minimum I would suggest that is at least 4 months after discontinuation of. Because of changes that occur after pregnancy until 2 years after the birth of involution continues. But, of course, didn’t give milk or milk to her normal weight after birth to 6 months early if he’s a patient back to all these operations can be performed. If you can’t Weight the mother’s prenatal firstly, we’re trying to lose weight with the help of a dietician but is unable to perform this despite enough effort then again, if the appropriate operations can be performed for the patient.

the aesthetics that made again after giving birth how long should it take ?

will vary according to the type of cosmetic operation. We don’t have any time constraints after a liposuction operation. After 6 months of breast surgery and tummy tuck surgery also ideally 1.5-2 years later, the patient easily can get pregnant. But here it must not be forgotten that the patient is now pregnant again, in which we do operations as we the first time when she is in the body, even will see similar changes. For this reason, plastic surgery and patients have to make their birth plans accordingly.

the stretch marks after birth, how can it be fixed ?

the best way to fix the cracks even though it is not always possible to replicate is to prevent. For this purpose, the fertility doctor will recommend creams suitable for your mother. However, sometimes these cracks occurs what measures implication. The anatomical localization of cracks is important. With the center of the belly button most C-section incision between the abdominal tissue and the skin, patients with sagging skin of the abdomen if you have enough the cracks by taking a tummy tuck is performed, and goes with cracks. However, the hips, the legs neither noninvasive nor cracking in areas such as the inside of a cream Remover in an attempt is presently not available.


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