Practical Information About Food

Hi. First, I think, so I’m writing the longer the better. Cooking as a reader, I will write the information I learned in these years, I hope useful.

• when making lentil soup:

when making lentil soup and more delicious vegetables and noodles add 1 cup if you want to have high value of vitamins. How to eat soup in our house, and your little brother, your child, etc more if you have He loves.

• vegetable juices:

pour boiled water Vegetables, soup, taste the soup and vitamin your driving more beautiful and more or less is changing.

• your meat to be soft:

haslamay hours for the meat to be soft. Add a little vinegar or lemon juice in the water.

• flavored pasta:

The boyfriend we all add the pasta during the cooking meat and chicken broth tablets you add water, black pepper, cumin and mint makes it much more delicious.

• Pasta Poaching:

5 gallons water 500 grams of pasta or pasta harcansa use a lot of poaching.

• the cookie cake:

stuck in the tray of your cookies baked, take it off immediately without waiting for it to cool, then remove it from the tray if you have to put it in the oven for 1-2 minutes on the tray fragmentation for the failure so he’s warm.

• when you say tea:

after waiting for a while before tea and soak the tea in the pot demlemed demleyin more beautiful color.

The first time I wrote for your opinion I’d appreciate it if breaker. Adding Gif picture and it is more beautiful to the eye. Hopefully this information useful, happy Sunday!


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