Protein Diet

the last day of one of popular diets protein diet. This diet eating all meat free.
meat diet is called unlimited.
If you love Meat, you’re looking for a diet rich in protein diet. In the list of the diet, drink 8 glasses of water per day, diet with multi vitamins tablets must support them. Lose weight in a short time, when you want to you can repeat this diet.

3 pounds in 1 week high protein diet in a healthy way.

The amount of water you can eat unlimited protein diet in the list.
– fish
– eggs
– poultry
– cheese

Banned Foods
pasta, bread, fruit, processed sugar, corn

how the protein diet?
bacon and yumura (toast and fruit juice is forbidden)

1 small salad, two Hamburger buns with cheese

1 slice steak or chicken, 1 cup of salad sprinkled with cheese

before starting the diet, we recommend you in consultation with your dietician, to get his approval.

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