Questions you should ask new mothers-2

in the first post from me here I think I did you can look.

you are not asked to new mothers and that we continue our paper by adding more than a few articles on what it takes unsaid friends. These are usually newcomers as a suggestion 🙂

– Aaa IVF?

one of the questions that will be a lot of people who have twin babies. Just like it’s happening with every treatment they ask about Twin baby. In the continuation the next question is definitely ‘one egg or two egg’ will be called. If you are wondering what.

-how much weight did you gain?- How much weight did you gain?

No, I mean, we are already depressed because of the weight. Thoroughly why are you trying to make us nervous, bro?

you doesn’t look like this guy, who does he look like?

one of the things that told me it was. Not to me, like his father, daughter. What? It doesn’t necessarily have to be like that his mother isn’t it?

– have you got pregnant immediately the first time?

The Moon allahimmmm. No, my brother was the first Conquest since I got pregnant.

– take this and eat it al al al al al it’s ever you haven’t eaten. Eat you eat and milk you can get.

people who say that weight gain in pregnancy is difficult because of the already given.


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